Talk to me, Abba.

Life passes by quickly. Take hold of it while you can. Don't allow it to take hold of you. Quit looking for extravagant or more glamorous ways to serve me. Today, remember your mission field. Remember the people around you. Remember your neighbor. Remember your family. Don't concentrate on those who love you. I told you that the weak do this. What about the people who are hurtful and bring grief to your spirit? What about your persecutors, your in-laws, your alcoholic? Today, beloved, get over yourself. Quit reacting. Quit playing the game. Learn to love. Don't go try to force something fake because you should. Sit down. Ask me to change your heart. Ask Me to give you the gift I want to give them. Don't complain about their reaction. Love in the deep dark places that they are trying to keep walls around. Love.

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