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We may have found the perfect location for  Gome r's House . Much like what we want to offer our community, this house needs restoration. Pray for God's provision over the details and funding for this project. This ministry will offer low or no cost biblical counseling, no cost respite for ministers, and housing for missionaries. Thank you for your prayers. To get involved click the button at the top right of the screen. This house is a 5,500 square foot 3 story colonial revival mansion sitting on almost an acre of land. (study to entry) study to den in the den One block away

John 4:11




I put a couple of blog posts into Wordle and made this. It's fun to do a book of the Bible or a story. It would make great art. Try it out.

Hebrews 10:35

Therefore do not throw away your confidence,  which has a great reward. Ω

Four, Count 'em, Four Posts

This is my fourth post this week. I know,  I am blogging crazy. Please see the other three posts below. We have 3 spaces left open for A Woman's Respite for anyone interested. It is three days of worship and quiet time. A Woman's Respite I was reading Jasmine Baucham's blog this morning and thought I would share. She is Voddie's daughter and quite wise. Today her post was about gossip. The title made me laugh. It's from the Music Man . Check her out:  Joyfully at Home As with all reading, use godly discernment. "Sarcasm is just pride masquerading as humor." - Neil McClendon Lastly, I just want to thank the Lord for sending me some godly encouragement.

Window in a Glass House

It is from a deeply vulnerable state that I write this blog. Perhaps you have read Shirley Walker's book " Window in a Glass House ." Basically there is a saying as a member of a church staff you live in a glass house. People watch you like a television show and applaud or ridicule you at will. Her story is one of extreme ridicule. People who claimed to love them were just as ready to tear them limb from limb when the stones started getting thrown.  Sometimes I feel like that. Sometimes I look at the other glass houses and I wish I could sew them curtains so they could heal in private. Maybe that's what we are trying to do with Gomer's House. The enemy is prowling around like a roaring lion. Even if you say things "nicely" as in asking for help and you have not gone to the source, you still defame the character of leadership. Go to the source and then take the next Biblical measure. Also, if you think you are more spiritually mature than someone you hard

Your Scars Are Beautiful To God

A Mini Review: My Discipleship group recently finished studying Sharon Jaynes'  Your Scars Are Beautiful To God . This is an excellent book for learning to submit your wounds to God for healing and glory. Even as a mature Christian who knows these principles, the book still ministered to me in a current wound. It left me grateful as well for what God had already done with the hurts of my past. An excellent read.  4 out of 5 stars.  *I also enjoyed doing the questions in the back of the book. Here's an exerpt: "We tend to think that our scars hinder our service for God when it is often our very scars that render us able. Through our weakness, He makes us strong. Through our dying, He makes us alive. Through our wounds, He makes us whole. It is in the telling and showing that God's power is released."

Terribly Random

Here are some random thoughts for a supplemental post: I am pregnant and want some Reeces Pieces. No store I go to in Austin has any.  Is this a conspiracy? I saw the trailer for Nicholas Sparks new movie Nights in Rodanthe with Anne the other night as we went to the movie. I really enjoy his literary style and decided to look up his biography. It tripped me up. He's young. He's had seven or so novels on the New York Times best sellers list. He runs nine miles a day and reads 125 books a year. I love to read...about 50 books a year. I can't afford 125 books a year. I guess I should step it up though. Can I borrow some books? :O)  I was reading a blog post about John Piper's new book Spectacular Sins and how sin is ordained by God for His glory. What are your thoughts on this? I would love to know.


This Blog is updated every Tuesday. Last week the Cherry family thought it would be a great idea to go to the beach with a hurricane coming. Actually, we already had it planned and decided to go ahead and go. We had a wonderful time and didn't even get a drop of rain while we were there. Some of our beloved friends in Houston and the Woodlands did not fare so well. Many have trees through their houses and everything inside is ruined. I read one friend's blog that said the strength of this hurricane serves as a reminder of how terrible God is. Stay with me here. ter·ri·ble [ ter - uh -b uh l ] Pronunciation Key –adjective 1. distressing; severe: a terrible winter. 2. extremely bad; horrible: terrible coffee; a terrible movie. 3. exciting terror, awe, or great fear; dreadful; awful. 4. formidably great: a terrible responsibility. As I was reading through the Old Testament a few years ago this is the trait of God that really stood out to me. This is the one thing pe

A Deliverer Comes

This Blog is updated each Tuesday. On Saturday, I decided to sit down and read the book of Judges. Some of you out there are probably wondering what would compel a person to spend their Saturday in such a manner, but I found it highly entertaining and convicting. It seems that almost every chapter starts out with God having to send Israel a deliverer. The deliverer comes. He delivers. Then people fall head over heels into idolotry. They cry out. God sends a deliverer. The cycle repeats and repeats.  I could go on and on about idolatry and God's tender desire to draw us to Himself, but I saw something else here. I am thankful. God is always leading my family to make the most counter cultural, least popular choices. People often make condescending remarks to us about our choices. I try very hard not to get emotional about the things people say and to extend love and grace. I feel like the question always looming over me is  " will you love ME and be obedient over your desire for

I am Woman. Who am I?

This Blog is updated each Tuesday. A Woman VP. Who is raising her family? I don't know. I do know it isn't her. That makes me ache for her and her children. That has raised a lot of questions. I have read so many blogs and articles about people who say women should not work outside the home. On the flip side many people are applauding this choice and the female agenda. Where do you find the right biblical ground? I have to admit I get irritated by the left wing and the right wing. I get irritated by the Christian commentators and bloggers who share judgment without kindness. Yet again, I worry about what this woman will actually contribute to us when she chooses to contribute so little to her own family.  Who are we as women? Titus two says we are meant to be disciplers. What if you make your living as a Bible teacher? There are people who say you shouldn't be more well known than your husband. There are people who say you shouldn't work. There were women in the Bible w