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In Christo Veritas

This Blog is updated each Tuesday. It all starts in Genesis 1:1. "God created the heavens and the earth." Continues on in Psalm 139:13 "You created my inmost being." More than fifty times we can read how God created something from nothing. He creates. Do you? For the next thirty days, I want to issue a  challenge to you. Live your life. Veer off path and discover hidden things. It is time we left the box of our Christianity and  discovered God in His element. The rituals we  are so comfortable in are keeping us from discovery and creation. I like taking different routes home. You'd be surprised how this upsets your backseat drivers. Find Christ off the beaten path. There are side roads off main streets that hold things that are exquisite. Find them. To find Christ in unexpected places, you have to go to them. I have been thinking quite a bit about  forgiveness of late. In fact, I am consumed by it.  Last week I posted about people telling Gary Ridgway that they

Is that Grizzly Adams?

This Blog is Updated each Tuesday. I once thought Christianity was about being an advocate for "Christian" things. I signed up for all these "action" newsletters and so forth. They still come in my inbox and I usually delete them. The other day I got one about Praying the vote. It gave a list of what each of the Presidential candidates stood for so we could accurately ask God for the right candidate. What!? I stared at it for a minute and thought, "Didn't we try telling God what we wanted in a ruler before?" King Saul didn't work out too well for anyone. Don't you think God Almighty can pick the candidate most like His Son? Does HE really need us to go through a list of criteria for Him and judge properly so that HE can give us the best President? At the bottom of the email it said "so you can pray as one informed." Right. I told Denbigh it should say, "so you will be persuaded to vote according to our conservative right-wing

Worship as Warfare

This Blog is Updated each Tuesday. On Sunday at Austin Baptist Church this video was shown. I loved it and want to see every Christian I know be so transparent and  glorifying to God. I thought of things that would be on my sign.  Lost:Found Broken:Whole Abused:Restored Attacked:Healed Another Miscarriage:Beautiful Healthy Baby Lost Second Brother: Redeemed Family Proud in Flesh: Humbled in Spirit  What would your sign say?  "Worship as warfare" has been on my heart this week. The Cardboard Testimony video seemed to echo that to me. What made that video so powerful in my mind was not that those people were sharing what they had overcome. The beauty was in them giving glory to God for victory. We worship most when we take the focus from us and what we have done and praise God for what He has done and is doing. We need to think about our testimony of Christ. We generally tend to tell lengthy stories of what we have been through and how we suffered and give God his 2.2 second pr

Kindness as a Weapon

The Truth Project is phenomenal. I was blessed to attend the training a few weeks ago and cannot wait to share what I have learned with those around me. Check it out for yourself. Warfare is a constant hot topic. Often, as we would drive through Crawford (past Bush's ranch) on the way to the ranch there would be picket signs against it. Cindy Sheehan was in a fight against President Bush. The truth is that her battle was on a much deeper level than that. I would say that is the case with all warfare. We try to take our hurt horizontal and find our solution in the same way. The issue at hand and heart is one that is vertical.  ARE YOU LIVING OUT THE SIMPLE THINGS YOU KNOW? I wrote about Indian tactics in Patina. They set fires to the wagons and distracted the pilgrims. With their guard down, the enemy snuck in and slaughtered them. The enemy's strategy has not changed. He is still trying to distract you with a temporal fire to keep you from having your guard up.  Put on Jesus