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Rainy Tuesday

I feel slightly like I have been hit by a Mac truck. It is good though. I feel like I gave birth and then got in the car and hit the road. I have spent only 2 of the last 10 weeks at home. You couldn't drag me out right now. I am tired. In the few moments that we are not moving, I hear the sweet voice of God pushing me forward. Today these words ministered to me: "the living stone was rejected by men, but chosen by God and precious to Him." Do you ever feel completely rejected? It is hard to remind yourself, but it shows more of the other person than it does you. It shows lack of confidence, grace, and the love that God says will define us. Why is it so hard to love each other? Our one defining characteristic almost never shows through because it is derailed by critical spirits and pride. This Saturday, after a rockin' Mexican wedding (there were Mariachi!), the Cherry family went to Pipe Creek, Texas to play for our smallest crowd ever. It was one of the most ref

Let Us Be Unassuming

Do you ever feel set up for failure? It's like you went as a date to some one else's high school reunion. Everyone is talking about yesterday. No one actually ever engages in conversation with you. All the while they assume you are unsocial. I love people. Sometimes, however, God drops me into situations where He simply never opens the door for fellowship. Why is that? I can think of several reasons this time. I have a Word that God is preparing these people to hear. He wanted to talk with me. He wanted to show me something. God did indeed speak. He confirmed some things to me about our future through Leviticus 25:1 and romanced me with promises. He showed me something that is lacking in the body of ministers I come in contact with. None of us are unassuming. We are judgemental and critical and side with whoever will agree with us. Many would love to say it is the gift of discernment, but I think it is a critical spirit hiding insecurity. We expect from others what we do not gi

What I Am Doing

I am spending the week in Waco with my family. I thought I would give an update on what I am doing. I am taking care of our beautiful daughter. She is teething and needs an abundance of snuggles. We have been trying to determine how soon we can have another baby! Denbigh is missing her this week. He is leading worship in Copper Mountain, Colorado. I am writing a little booklet and looking for someone to produce it. It is called Benediction (spoken blessing). It is about the power of our words. I see a Christian bent to be negative and want to address it. Why are we so hateful? We are working on some fall retreats. God has put beautiful vision in my heart and Denbigh and I are praying toward that. You will have to ask me in person for the details on it. Two of my closest friends are moving away within a month of each other! I know God has big things in store for all of us. Other than that, I am reading and doing Beth Moore's recently rereleased A Woman's Heart Bible study. Let m