The Least Among You - DVD

Inspired by a true story, this movie is set in the midst of racial tension in 1965. Following the Watts riots, our protagonist enters a seminary to serve out his probation on a bogus charge. He comes against many obstacles and people there who need a fresh vision of who God is, much as he does. Richard Kelly, the main character, is given an amazing opportunity to find God himself and change a Christian institution for the better. He comes up against many foes within the seminary itself and finds hope with the groundskeeper.

I enjoyed this movie and was inspired by Richard's story and what he did with his life. This was not a huge budget feature film, but there were still many top billed stars who carried it well. It could be a tad slow at times, but I think the plot and the integrity well made up for it. What did I glean? Pain leads us to the true Christ and His righteousness. This is something many miss in seminary.
This DVD was provided for review by Thomas Nelson Publishers.


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