Gomer: A House Church

It all used to seem so simple. Church when I was growing up was a place of fellowship, truth, and service. We didn't fill our walls with mountains of programs and try to entertain each other with carnivals. Our sermons were not filled with emotionalism or skewed truth. We had personal relationships with our neighbors. These relationships never existed to get more people to our small group or to our church. They existed because we had learned from each other how to love without getting something in return. It was one of the greatest feelings I have ever experienced. Giving love away for no reason is hard to find in our day and culture. We have a heart to bring it back. 

What if we could create a simple environment that reminded us to act like Jesus instead of studying Him to death? What if we could create a place where we could fellowship, worship, and encourage each other to live out the love of our Father in a tangible, simple way? We want to. Do you want to join us?
Starting Sunday night, November 7th at 5 p.m. It will be right here at Gomer's House. 


Emily said…
Fairly certain we're in... Gotta make sure we don't have a Wylie family obligation first. Very excited. Love you Gomer's House!

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