Come to the Table by Benita Long

My beloved husband gave me this cookbook for our 7 year wedding anniversary. I thought that I would get to take the year off since it was our year of jubilee. Subtly, with this gift, he insisted that I keep cooking. 

I have been wanting to blog about this book since it came into my hands. It is the most well done culinary literature I have ever seen. I read half of it out loud to Denbigh. How can a cookbook make you feel closer to the Lord? It is full of perfectly placed scripture, poetry, divine recipes, and masterful food photography. You simply must get this. 5 stars.

I knew when I saw it that I had to purchase a copy for a dear friend. I have been waiting to blog about it so I could give it to her for her birthday. I hope you had a lovely day, Autumn!


Warren Baldwin said…
Sounds like one I need to get for Cheryl.

Year of Jubilee from cooking? Haven't heart that one! It is good! (Glad you haven't told Cheryl about it :)
Steph Cherry said…
I told him I had been working hard at my wifely duties for 7 years and I was wondering if I got a year to quit working the land. He didnt buy it. Maybe when we get to 50. I think your wife would love this book.

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