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Yes, Virginia, there is a Jesus!

I thought I would make a video of some random pictures I took during the holidays. I miss my brothers terribly, but I am thankful for the beautiful things that God is doing in my family. I am grateful for the child I do have amidst a season of loss. May all of your tragedy be turned into triumph in 2010. *The last two pics are things Gomer's House received for Christmas. May you have a blessed 2010 as you seek God's face. †Love to you from the Cherry Family and Gomer's House! * I am sorry this is late. The internet was out at our house last night.

Primal by Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson's new book is an exploration of Christianity as we know it. We try to complicate it in our natural man. Mark shows us how Christ is the new Moses. He explains that what Moses said was good, but that the religious have complicated it and missed the point completely. Christ has shown us a simple way to live. This book is a call to creativity, to listening, and to acting on the call of God. I challenge you to make it the first book you read this year. Start a reformation in your own life. My grandfather used to say that children were born with a natural bent toward creativity. Society (adults) kill this desire that is latent in children with rules and disapproval. I thought Mark had some beautiful points about the creative nature of God. He said as we mature, we become more like Christ and that is shown in our own creative maturing. Many people do not believe themselves to be creative, but we are creative in our excuses and our justification of sin. We are just misu

Is This How It Will All End

Most of you know that my husband and I are deep in the throes of remodel. In the spring, Denbigh stepped on a hundred year old rusty nail and we got to make a trip to get a tetanus shot. Thankfully, there have been no major accidents since . . . until Friday. Like most fun-oriented young couples, we were hanging drywall on Friday night. With a new utility knife in his hand, Denbigh was cutting down the piece of drywall to fit the chosen spot. Yes, he cut himself. He sliced off the tip of his index finger. I was trying to make light of it and exclaimed, "Baby, the money makers! What are you thinking?" Then I saw the piece of skin on the ground and my soul mate turning a pale, pasty bluish color. I made him sit down and I grabbed a towel to stop the bleeding. Sitting on the floor with my husband, I noticed him getting more and more pale. His eyes started rolling back in his head and he started mumbling incoherently. Was he having a seizure? Was he fainting? Poor Denbigh woke up

Emily's Potato Soup

pi·zazz or piz·zaz (pĭ-zāz') n. Informal Dazzling style; flamboyance; flair. Vigorous spirit; energy or excitement. One of my dearest friends made this for us recently. It is simple, delicious, and a perfect choice to warm you during these cold months. Buon Appetito! Want to know more about the amazing Emily? Check out her blog .

40 Loaves by C D Baker

What is this book about? It is a short story devotional that aims to answer the questions we are afraid to ask in our Christian culture. Each days tackles a rarely asked question and invites you to imbibe of the bread of Christ as you confront ideology that has been placed in our minds by faulty sources. I thought it was a unique approach to the devotional. I did not agree with everything stated in it's pages, but it caused me to think about what I do believe about the subjects. I think that is the whole point. What do you believe about God that has come from Him and what have you accepted about God that isn't true about Him at all? It is a great little devotional. Check it out. You can WIN a copy right here. All you have to do is leave a comment or email me! Buy this book This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

Beware — the False Prophet (2)

I am not talking about main stream false prophets like Osteen , or Meyer , or Bell . This false prophet lingers inside your church appearing to have the very best of intentions. They are many. For every Elijah there are 450 prophets of Ba'al . "Warnings against false prophets are necessary based on the fact all prophets are not true. Truth can be violated and the gospel's enemies usually conceal their hostility and try to pass themselves off as fellow believers." - DA Carson They are not always easy to spot. They clothe themselves in the uniform of God's sheep, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. Beware. They learn to use narrow gate language. They emulate hard road living. They masquerade as small crowd people. False prophets use Bible verses. They pray on their faces. Don't be deceived. Be alert. We are allergic to this teaching. Wouldn't Jesus want us all to just get along? Somehow drawing a line in the sand and saying that this is true and that is no

Beware — the False Prophet

God has been teaching me a powerful lesson of late. I knew it and believed it, but I wanted to be super nice and give everyone all the chances that I could. Then God told me something loud and clear. "Stop." There are people who are being used to work against the kingdom of God. For us to not believe this, would be for us to say the Bible is not true and spiritual warfare is not real. Over a period of several months, I kept getting the same message over and over. Beware of the false prophet. Immediately after listening to a podcast from one preacher, I walked into my parents ranch house and saw that a man had shot many soldiers at Fort Hood (a few miles away). That man was a member of the military himself. There was another clear message. The shooter was a clear depiction of a false prophet. He walked among them. He spoke their language and wore their clothing, but given the chance he opened deadly fire upon them. 1 Peter 5:8 tells us that the enemy walks around like a lion l

The Pioneer Woman Cooks — Austin, Texas

I read a lot of books and I am thankful to the many publishers who send me free books to read and review. I read about 70 or so books a year. That is terribly nerdy, I know. I just realized that I haven't watched television in 8 years. That would be how I have the time to read. I am always telling Denbigh of the grand insights I learn. He just smiles at me. Finally, I picked up a book he would love for me to read. Yesterday, we had the chance to meet The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, at Book People in Austin. She was a delight to listen to. I was amazed at how humble and nervous she was. Denbigh was salivating as he flipped through the pages of her book. I am going to attempt to cook through it over the next few months as a way to minister to him. It should prove to be fun! Ask me mid-January what I think of the recipes. I like how she took a new spin on the cook book with much photography and story telling. You did a fabulous job, Ree! Book People is a grand store if you ever ge