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Faithful Finance by Emily G. Stroud

Many of us feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to deal with our personal finances. We wonder if we will ever experience financial freedom. We want to make wise decisions and spend money on what matters, but we just don’t know how. Financial advisor Emily G. Stroud is a mom, businesswoman, and entrepreneur. She has two decades of experience with helping people make smart choices about money. She knows that money can be one of the great causes of stress in life—but that it doesn’t have to be that way. Finances, in fact, can be a great source of joy, security, and hope. In  Faithful Finance,  Emily comes alongside you to: Develop a savings plan based on your unique goals Make a monthly budget that actually works for you Reduce your overall debt burden Plan for your children’s college years Insure your life without fear Leave a legacy through estate planning Encourage you to give generously And most importantly, discover the source of true wealth Presented in a

I read Make Your Voice Heard in Heaven by Dr. Barry C. Black

Make Your Voice Heard in Heaven: How to Pray with Power by Barry C. Black My rating: 5 of 5 stars Dr. Black always inspires my heart. He has this calm, trusting way about his words that inspire your heart to act on God’s word. He is a man that knows God’s truth is true. His latest book, inspired by his speech from the National Prayer Breakfast, does not fail. From reminding us that we are a people to be praying for each other to reminding us to be intimate, quiet listeners before the Lord, Dr. Black stirs the coals of faith to flame. I was challenged countless times to change and reinvigorate how I pray. The section on cultivating reverential awe spoke deeply to me. Help me think more of you, Jesus. There were many points on types of effective ways to pray. My main takeaways were about personal repentance and how we are meant to be more of an us in prayer. Read all of his books. You won’t be disappointed. “When I was younger, I heard someone in church remind us that, in

I LOVED Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus

Lois' new book is out today! I cannot encourage you to read it enough. Every one of her books has changed my ideology about what Scripture is  conveying to us. There is much more there than meets the eye. I can't encourage you to read it enough. You will be encouraged to love God more. Your perspective of what God is doing around you will be shifted into something beautiful.  I have known that the Hebrew culture has long been more of a "we" culture than a "me" one. Lois helped me see the depth of all of that. I loved how she said that Southerners had gotten this concept right with being a "y'all" society.  Her explanation of the word love being an action one took instead of an emotion that we respond to helped explain many scriptures. We actively love our neighbor and our enemy even when we do not feel loving. Our Westernized culture has made love about me and my feelings. Love is an outward response to the inward call of God. I don&