The Book Of Eli

Have you seen this movie? I think I was the last to watch it. I wasn't sure that I could handle the intensity of it while pregnant, but I bit the bullet and watched. I can now agree with Donald Miller in the fact that this raised the bar for Christian movies. As we think our world and society is bad, we are confronted with the idea of how much worse it could be if the word of God were removed from us entirely.  The reality of it all is that we may look very much like these people, if the false image of our society was removed from us. We treat people like they treated each other in this movie. We simply have nicer cars and wave from our minivans as though we had a heart. We call hate grace and mock God. To us, we look pretty amazing. I mean, we aren't out right killing anyone. 

Then we see two pictures. We see Eli who went on mission for God even though he was not perfected. He hid the word of God deep in his heart through daily reading. Eventually, we see the outworking of that word. He comprehends that this is all about doing for others. Then we see the man who knows all the same words and can fake talk the faith. His heart is to control and manipulate people with the word of God. He craves the power and the prestige it will bring him. As I watched it, I thought I may have sat in on this guy's church a time or two. 

Behind this powerful movie is much wisdom and warning. We see the Word prevail.


Warren Baldwin said…
I watched the movie with some teenagers at my house. Early on I'm thinking, "What is this?" kind of critically. Then I cuaght on that something pretty big was really at work in this movie. It really did make you stop and think what the world would be like without the Word. And I don't know if this is where she learned it, but my teen daughter used the word "Apocalyptic" the other day. I asked her where she got that from, and she said probably from some movie. Maybe it was Eli! I want to watch it again.

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