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A Little Update

What Are You Creating? You  know those things you have always wanted to do, but just never did. That was me with painting for a decade or so. Over the past few years I have created thousands of things. I made a commitment to make something new every day this year. You can follow along on my Instagram or purchase pieces at All of the proceeds go to benefit missions and adoption. Part of it will be funding my trip to Haiti in December. Thank you kindly for following along. The Bible study I attend just began a study on Sabbath. I keep clinging to this idea and trying to set healthy boundaries and create margin to enjoy and see the Lord working in my life. Our culture idolizes business. Crafting a rhythm of life that balances work, prayer, play, and rest truly is something only God can do. One question in the study asked how we were going to teach the next generation to rest and take time to delight in God. My answer became a prayer. Let me model it, Jesus

I Read Under the Tuscan Sun

Over the Christmas break, I read the updated 20th Anniversary edition of Under the Tuscan Sun. Is it possible that it has been twenty years since this book came out? Surely there is some miscalculation on the publisher's part. No. I got old. So, I can review this story for you as a 19 year old and a 39 year old.  This book  includes many of my favorite things. It's about hope, hard work, restoration, food, and a culture that revolves around friends and family. I thought it was interesting following the Italian version of a  remodel. It seems much like the one I have experienced. Slow. Workers come and go whenever they feel like it. At least we have three things that help us keep our minds full of hope. God. Food. People. I know the real question is how people think it compared to the movie. The basic premise of her story is there. She had been through a terrible divorce and decided to buy a villa in Tuscany. In the movie she was single. In real life she was already