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Off the Book Stack: The Remarkable Ordinary by Frederick Buechner

 I recently read a few previously unpublished lectures by Frederick Buechner. The first one met me right where I was. I needed to walk through my life and sort out some things. I needed to let go of empty relationships. I needed to carve out greater moments inside each day to sit at the feet of Jesus. The story telling in this book helped me sort out some things. The words were like that of an old friend we wish we all had. It is a rare person who can tell simple stories about their lives and it hits you to the core. Frederick Buechner had this gift. This was one of the most impactful lines of the the  second book. I read it over and over and shared it over and over. It is so easy to identify as a victim and forget that we are hemmed in by glory. The enemy is tricking us into being infatuated with inferior things and we must ruthlessly defeat the lies before us. This isn't who we are. We are hand-crafted image bearers of the Most High God. We have been redeemed and beheld

Daring to Hope by Katie Davis Majors

I have not anticipated a book this much in quite some time. I was deeply encouraged after reading Kisses From Katie and I looked forward to the wisdom God would give her to share with us. Of course, the book did not disappoint. We follow her all over the streets of Uganda as she quietly loves and brings healing to those around her. We sit in the sacred space of the bedside of woman being ushered into the arms of Jesus. We follow her on a plane to America to get a young man desperately need surgery. We walk the isle at her wedding and welcome a new baby with her. My heart is wildly aglow from the word of her testimony. So much of her story I can empathize with. The same words he told her through scripture, he has told me (and I'm sure many of you). He walks her through the suffering God declares before the restoration in Habakkuk. Over and over Isaiah 61 speaks to her. Beauty from ashes doesn't often look what we think it will. Sometimes it comes as we usher someone into