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In the beginning of our desire to serve others in our home, we simply paid for everything out of our pocket. As our desire grew (as did our house), we added this to our non-profit ministry. As part of a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we must raise all of our funding from the public. This is by far the most humbling thing we do. It is hard to ask and it is hard to receive. We know that this is what God has told us to do. We know that God wants us to focus on ministering to others in our home and to start a church in our home. We are currently working on a video to share more about what we are doing. A friend who runs a similar ministry recently told me that God has appointed people and given them money and a heart to give and I shouldn't stand in the way of their obedience. That's where we are. Humbly we are asking for God to raise people up to give and we are expectant to receive. Would you consider being one of our philanthropists? You can give as little as $10 a month and we will be richly blessed by it. Find out more about what we are doing at 

Read our letter to supporters:
22One7 Ministries
Thank you for years of support, encouragement, and love. Thank you also for taking the time to read thisletter. 
As a 501(c)3 non-profit, all of our operating funds must come from public sources. Would you please prayerfully consider volunteering here at Gomer’s House or financially supporting this ministry?
2 1⁄2 years ago, we sold our home in Kyle, TX upon God’s direction, and more recently felt led to leave our church home of 7 years. We have been restoring a 100 year old, 5500 sq ft home to serve as a respite for anyone looking to seek God. He has given us a clear directive to focus on finishing the house and to start a house church. To accomplish this, we must find volunteers and garner monthly funding.
Why support? Even in the renovation phase, we have already hosted over 250 people for rest, restoration, and fellowship building. Through our worship and counseling ministries, we have been allowed to see thousands of salva- tions and hearts returning to the Lord. Our hope and our mission in this restoration/worship project is to see the people of God healed, repentant, and lavished with God’s grace.
We are open year round for guests and volunteers. Please join in what the Lord is doing here. As with any leading of God, we endure much spiritual attack, consequently we are humbled and thankful for your prayer and sup- port. Thank you for being Christ to us. May we all be blessed to see our nation and our churches return wholeheartedly to Jesus Christ our Lord.
Denbigh and Stephanie Cherry Yearly Operating Budget: $36000 Different ways to financially support:
1. A one-time donation, any amount, by check or credit card
2. A recurring, monthly donation, by credit card. Even ten dollars a month is a huge blessing to us. Would you be willing to give up 2 cups of Starbucks a month to reach people for Christ?
3. Bring Denbigh to your house or church for a night of worship to help raise money. Please make all checks out to: 22One7 Ministries and mail to:
22One7 Ministries P.O. Box 86 Fentress, TX 78622
You can also give online at and click on “give”. Please visit us online and look at pictures of Gomer’s House! (updates on Thursdays)
22One7 Ministries P.O. Box 86 Fentress, TX 78622


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