Talk to me, Abba.

For some time now, God has been teaching me to listen. Carefully and tenderly, He has taught me to distinguish and know His voice. I have read many books written with the authors simply listening to hear God speak to them and record what He says. I often sit with my Bible, my journal, and a stack of note cards to record anything God may have for me or anyone else. I have honestly been amazed at what has transpired in these times. He has clearly told me things before they happened and given me a window into how to pray for and encourage others in ways that human reasoning cannot explain. That is the beauty of it. God desires to speak to us. He desires to send messages through us to people in such a way that they will know that there is no other way that the message came, but the voice of God. I challenge you to listen with me. Isaiah 48:6 tells us that from now on God will tell us new things, hidden things which we did not know. He wants to reveal Himself and bathe you in intimacy. 

"You are growing up. Your days of naive worship and shallow but exciting intimacy are over. It is always difficult for a child to become an adult, to draw close to me as I AM." - Dr. Larry Crabb

Each Tuesday, I will post this segment on this blog. Other days I will post book reviews, music reviews, and random thoughts. I hope you enjoy learning to listen with me. 

Talk to me, Abba.
"You belong to me. I will fiercely protect you and guide you through every dark corridor. You are alive. You are free. Although you feel as though your wings have been clipped, it is a lie. Your wings have not been clipped. Listen to me. Your wings have not been clipped. The enemy has deluded you into the thinking that you are no longer capable of flight, but he is a liar. Don't ask me to regrow what I did not allow him to steal from you. Look, even now, and see the bold, brilliant wings I have given you. Quit sulking and prepare for flight. Do not gaze upon the lack of love from others who claim to speak in my name. Wrap yourself up in this love, my love. Love back. Heal. Forgive. Cry out. Burst forth. Do not deny me. Fly with depth and the plenitude of my power."

Come back to listening to only My voice.
Talk to me, Abba ©


susan said…
Stephanie Cherry, God is using YOU to encourage my heart with this blog post. Thank you for this gift! You have such a beautiful heart.
Emily said…
Listening with you.
Steph Cherry said…
Thank you, Susan. You deeply encourage me. May you have a blessed week!!
maggie may said…
--like a fresh, cool drink of water... Refreshing;)
Steph Cherry said…
As are you. Thank you!
Warren Baldwin said…
Thank you, Stephanie, I think these will make some great posts. Thanks for the nice comment on Family Fountain about the Wives article.
Steph Cherry said…
Thank you, Warren.
Unknown said…
Thank you for posting this encouraging message, may the Lord richly bless you. Merry Christmas to you.
~Rosanne said…
Blessings to you!

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