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Let's Catch Up

I am quite a bit behind on my updates here and my book reviews. The internet is crawling along like a snail here. I have also been traveling around this great state of Texas. I hosted two groups of over twenty people, took my Lulu to an awesome VBS, threw my Synda a baby shower, saw my daddy, saw my mama, and played with my girls in the waterpark on a regular basis. We are doing the camp thing this week with Denbigh. My Lulu is a camper over at the Wild! Deep sigh. She's practically grown. She's having the time of her life... I love her so. I've added a few things to my Etsy store if you would like to support Gomer. I am started a village effort called The Gospel Mom where moms can encourage one another by pouring gospel love into one another's homes. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We are working on our website and app. Stay tuned. Follow. Share. Support. Let's catch up. So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart o

The Day Is Waiting by Don Freeman

Don Freeman was the illustrator of Corduroy, the darling little series about a bear. This book was published posthumously from some of his works that had not been formed into a book as yet. His work is lovely and endearing. His characters make you want to love them.  The book while cute, lacked a bit of his charm. An author added verse to his illustrations that were picked out from his collection. It is a good book for smaller children. There is one line of reading per page. The book takes you to all of the places that you can go in a day and a reminder that home is always waiting for you.  The littlest Cherry girls enjoyed this read.

A Review of Unfettered by Ross King

My friend and yours, Ross King, gave me the opportunity to listen to and review his latest music project. I have been listening to Ross for over a decade. His lyrics are deep and rich. I am often moved by the how he says such powerful theology in a simple and understandable way. He's gifted. This project is no different. It's great singer/song-writer work. The words tackle some beautiful and terrible truths. He seems to hit every angle...from redeeming the orphan to our arrogance in church. One of my favorite songs is Love Is A Hammer. Opposite Day is a fun, lively number. They are all great, thought-provoking songs. Check it out! View In iTunes This Hope Will Guide Me, Ross' last cd is wonderful as well. We often sing a song from the album, Hallelujah for the Cross, in church. It's a gift to the church.