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Would You Do It?

This Blog is Updated Each Tuesday. My husband once asked me if chain smoking is when people get together and smoke. He was dead serious. He is obviously not a smoker. I laughed as I pictured a bunch of smokers locking arms smoking in a chain. Chain smoking is actually when people finish a cigarette and almost immediately begin another one. I am like that in some respects. Only I am a chain reader. The minute a book thuds closed I am at the shelf pulling out another. † Over the last few weeks I have torn throught some great books. I read Gods and Kings , a historical fiction novel (1 in a 5 part series) about the kings of Judah. It was fascinating. I read The Ever Loving Truth by Voddie Baucham. Excellent. I think every Chrisitian should read it. Right now I am in the middle of Family Driven Faith , also by Voddie. It is phenomenal. If you are looking for something to do in a small group, pick this up. It will rock your world! In the mix of these was a book that my friend Anne lent t

Hosea's Hurt

Uncle Mike and Laomai I have been studying the book of Hosea relentlessly in an effort to write a study. Hosea married a prostitute and spent the first few chapters of his book trying to get her to stay home in safety and she keeps going back to her addiction even though she has people who love her and safety. In the rest of the book it goes on to talk about how we, as God's chosen people, are like Gomer (Hosea's wife). We choose idolatry every time. . God recently opened my eyes to Hosea's plight. I have stared into the face of countless loved ones begging them not to go on the way they were. My uncle died at 45 after wrestling with the pursuits of this world. My brother, Clint, overdosed 2 years ago (at 38). Now I am looking at my brother, Mike, sitting in a hospital with cancer ravaging his body. On Friday he had a stroke. He is 36 years old. . What do we have to do in order to get people to not choose alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, pornography, lust, lies? I am mad. I

Copper Mountain

Getting ready to snow mobile. 12,500 feet up on the Continental Divide. Allen & Doris Tarbutton


Denbigh and I are blessed to be heading out of town to Copper Mountain, Colorado this week. I will not be posting my Tuesday Edition of "Terribly Interesting," but I wanted to extend to you a heartfelt plea. Read this book. Buy it for your friend. Buy it for your wife. Buy it for your mom. It will speak to deep places, wounded places in you that you didn't know existed. Read. Absorb. Be healed. . We are a group of walking wounded pretending we are well. We maim and cut with our judgement and inflict on others the very hurt we received ourselves. No, it doesn't always manifest the same way, but it's there. I have noticed something among the female body of Christ. We have no idea how to act. We hide venom behind politeness. . As I prayed for healing myself I realized some things. Shyness is a result of wounding and very often rooted in pride. It can very well be sin. It is because we focus so much on self and what others think of us. I prayed to be set free from it

A Blessed New Year To You

As I was thinking of writing this blog a hundred ideas flooded my head. First I thought I'd confess that I don't care if the people at Walmart wish me a "happy holiday" or a 'Merry Christmas." Forcing people to bend to our political agenda (and that's what it is)only covers up the darkness of their heart and their desperate need for our prayers. I just don't remember Christ ever trying to fight "the man" so I won't either. I thought I'd tell you about how amazing I think my daughter is and how this year has full on altered my life for all time. God is at work. Mostly, I thought that I would tell you how I yearn for you to know and feel the intimate love of God in this year to come. I have no idea who most of you are, but I pray for you and get on my face asking God that He will use you in a powerful way. I pray you a humble heart to receive and to give. May your passions be ignited this year! May God Himself bless you in all fullnes