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I Had A Dream About A House ...

About 9 years ago, a woman I knew was going through some things and I asked her to lunch. Three days before I went to lunch with her, I had a dream that she bought a new house. I saw this old farmhouse in my dream take on new life. I watched it change colors and become a place of rich beauty. This was before Magnolia gave words to what I was seeing so I called it "rustic elegance." I saw people coming and going being revived. I could feel God's hand in it all.  I will tell you that I had never had a dream about anyone getting a house. I have had things happen where God would impress on me things that I couldn't have known otherwise, but I was also quite shy and not really about letting people see my crazy. I decided to be brave and tell this woman anyway. Years went by and she wrote to me that they were looking for a house and to pray. Fast forward. She finds the house and ends up on HGTV on the show House Hunters. As I watched the progress of the house, I f