Thursday, October 07, 2010

Gomer: Another Tree, Another Swing

I have a lovely view from my desk at this fifty foot tree in our backyard. I had this romantic notion of having a porch swing hanging from one of the huge branches. My husband made it a reality. It feels so southern. Come over. Bring a book. Swing til your hearts content.

A word of warning, dear friends: Check the box if you buy a porch swing at Lowe's. It took us 4 calls to the company to get all of the parts we needed. From talking to them, it seemed as if this was a pretty common occurrence. 

Isn't it romantic! Come swing!

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1 comment:

maggie may said...

it's too cha cha for words!
next you need a pic of you and denbigh sitting on it being all lovey-dovey.

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