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A Writer's Callous

Alright, baby photo below. Quit emailing me! ;-) I remember having a writer's callous when I was five years old. In my adolescence I hated it. Now, I find it fascinating. Almost as long as I have been alive I have borne a mark that declares I am passionate about something in such a way that it bores into my skin. I have been blessed with wonderful Apple products to use and I still prefer writing things out. I heard Michelle Pfeiffer say David Kelley writes out all of his award winning shows on yellow legal pad. I like that. I prefer a journal and a real wood pencil (the kind that are stained, not the yellow ones.) There's something romantic about it to me. Writing is a choice medium in my relationship with God . I love to prayer journal. I pour out thanks for every minute that I get to spend doing it. In last weeks post I told you that God broke my Mac so I would spend some time alone with Him (then I can have it back in January). Shortly thereafter the enemy came in tel

An Alternate Reality

Do you ever feel like you may have fallen down the rabbit hole to Alice's Wonderland ? My week like that began last week at a local coffee house. I sat there with Anne who was about to hop on a plane to go intercede for Passion in Chicago . First a man comes and sits by us for a good fourty-five minutes and never gets any coffee. He gets really excited when he sees a 1970 high school year book and asks Anne if she brought it. Yeah, Anne was 3 or so in 1970. He proceeds to tell us about everyone in the book and how one guy sold 6 chickens for fifteen thousand dollars. I had to turn away at this point so I did not laugh at him. There were several other interesting characters, but one in particular caught our eye. He had on emo (really tight) pants, one of those shoulder wraps that women wear made of camo and something that looked like a fox stole around his neck (you know, the kind with the fox head and tail that you picture old, rich women wearing to brunch.) This being th

It's a Reading Rainbow

This blog is updated each Tuesday. Just about every week a book arrives at my house. I am a reading junkie. Denbigh is always saying, "What have you bought now!?" Well, I love to read. I explained to my dear husband whom I love and cherish that this is all the fault of Levar Burton from Reading Rainbow . Butterfly in the sky indeed. Take a look. It's in a book. Reading Rainbow . I dearly love to read. I am a studier. I want to be well informed. I think we as an American society just do things because other people do them. We never stop to ask ourselves if something is God honoring or even appropriate. Driving around our neighborhood a few years ago at Halloween, I had a thought. I thought that if someone from another country came over here who did not understand our customs, they would all think we were Satanists. One drive down the street my friend Christine lives on would convince you of that. One of her neighbors puts out a life-size demonic clown with a smoke m

No, I Won't Sell You My Baby

Last week Denbigh's guitar was accidentally knocked over on stage. That led us to have it repaired at Ray Henning's Heart of Texas Music . Who waits on us, but ol' Ray Henning himself. There he is. A legend in his own right. He sold Stevie Ray Vaughn his famous guitar. He befriended Willie and Waylon. He's old now and can't hear well, but he's still a fireball. He offered me 5 Martin guitars for Laomai. His wife was in the background laughing. That would be about $15,000 in guitars, but rest assured, I didn't take them. I still have my daughter. The whole thing made me think of people in the Middle East buying women in exchange for camels. My friend Anne was reading the society column in The Statesman the other day and noticed all these names in bold. She said they were bolded as if we should know who they are. She didn't know. So, she started doing it on her blog. It made me giggle and I dearly love to laugh. So, I shall also do it on mine. Anne Smith

A Call To the Genuine

This is my sixth year in Bible Study Fellowship. That seems impossible to me. I once couldn't get through a 4 week study. Here I am...hooked on knowing more about Him. This year we are studying Matthew. This past week I realized something. I have known what the name Mary meant for some time, but I have never applied it to the mother of Christ. Mary means bitter. This culture named their children with purpose. Many people even changed their name to Mary after bitter circumstances had engulfed them. I sat there looking at this and I thought that it was so like God to take Bitter and let it birth Redemption. Please keep us in your prayers. This has been the year of severe attack. The enemy keeps trying to take all of our resources. I just keep remembering that you cannot outgive God. He is so faithful. He has far more than we could ever need. Also we have a retreat coming up in 2 weeks. Please be in prayer for what God will birth that Saturday. We still have a few seats available for