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Having A Mary Heart In A Martha World Study

I was offered the wonderful chance to review this study by the publisher. I am very glad that I was able to. My little Monday night class at the church was deeply encouraged by Joanna and her personal journey to our intimate God. It was with refreshing tenderness that she spoke about our Jesus, y'all. It made you yearn for more of him.  I truly appreciated the angle that she took in telling the stories of Scripture's famous sisters. All of the focus is placed squarely on Christ. I wish I could divulge every detail to you. I want you to see how each person in the story preaches the gospel to us. I want you to see the tenderness that Jesus calls us to himself with. He does this even when our hearts are distracted. Mostly, I just want you to know that this study is worth doing. The dvd is excellent. Check out this study. This study was graciously provided for review by Waterbrook Multnomah.

The Deeper Life by Daniel Henderson

I wavered between wanting to love this book and having to prop my eyelids open to be quite honest. I read the awesome reviews by Joni Eareckson Tada and Jim Cymbala. I thought the bought would grab me right away. On the other hand, I thought the title sounded like a Southern Baptist sermon series.  Of course, we all want a deeper life with Jesus. We want to know hime more intimately. I thought I would give Mr. Henderson a shot at speaking to my heart as I read his book. The man had good things to say. He had beautiful scripture to quote and core theology to outline. His book was right on point. For some reason, I had a hard time reading it however. Perhaps it read more like a collection of sermons or a text book. In that vein, it was well put together. If your mind works that way or you are looking for a place to plunge into some core knowledge, this would be great for you.   I may or may not be inclined to lend it to a friend. It's not something you run over to your bes

Come Sit a Spell, Gomer.

Hello dear friends of Gomer, The last week I have been cleaning house. I mopped eight times and it still isn't clean. Let's just be clear, drywall dust is a real bear. It keeps getting tracked all over my finished floors. It makes a girl want to lay out on the floor and go Mr. Miagi on them. Wax on. Wax off. Alas, I will just keep mopping and I'll persevere. There is also tape falling off the wall still because I just couldn't get to it. I'm sure it will all work out. I think I can reuse it even if it's been on the ground. I realized that 7 out of 10 rooms are completely drywalled downstairs so my drywall dust dilemma will soon come to an end. The only rooms left are the living room, part of the parlor, and the small butler pantry. No more dark and dreary, y'all. We did get to purchase Gomer some spring plants and started doing yard work. Denbigh rented a self-propelled lawn aerator. He fed and reseeded the St. Augustine. Then on the most glor

Glory be. It's a Room, Gomer.

Well, y'all, we did it. We hosted a great group of folks here on a mission trip last week. It gets pretty challenging while managing three small children. The clean up can be really tricky. There are screws and dust and drywall all over the place. That has to all be cleaned up before my girls can go downstairs. As of this writing, I have one room to go. Hopefully, I can get that done tonight.  You know, I asked Jesus to multiply their work and I believe He answered me. There was so much done. We haven't had light or electrical on the third floor and now we do. It's pretty amazing to be able to see up there. The drywall up there was old and sketchy. Some of it would crumble to pieces if you looked at it the wrong way. They tore all of that down. Did you know that they used to use the third floor as a ballroom? Perhaps that should be the name of the guest suite. The Ballroom. On the first floor, they house wrapped, insulated with foam and drywalled the room where o

Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors by Voddie Baucham

Voddie is one of my favorite writers. He explains the Bible with such clarity and tenderness towards Jesus. I enjoyed The Ever-Loving Truth and Family Driven Faith immensely. This telling of the life of Joseph was no different. Someone explaining that the story of Joseph was not some moral tale for us to emulate was like life to dry bones. The story wasn't about Joseph at all. It's a beautiful tale of redemption and the far reaching lengths that God goes to in order to rescue us. He sent Joseph on a horrible journey to ensure that the life of a scoundrel could be saved and redeemed. He did that so that we might have the Promised seed of Christ.  This is a must read. One thing that stood out to me was how Voddie points out that the most beautiful work of God here is the fact that Joseph is not bitter. He never corrects his brothers. He only points back to trusting in God's sovereignty. That is a work of grace. Get Voddie's book. I started praying through Fam