Talk to me, Abba

Shhhh. Be still. Be quiet. Open my word and listen. I want to talk with you. I know your heart is hurting and heavy. Listen. My word is like salve on a wound. I speak healing. Let your weary bones and body receive my healing word. Let me transform your scars into fresh new skin. Revel in the beauty of forgiveness. Walk with me. I know what has happened. I know where you have been and the things you have endured. I know. Let me in there to call forth the hurt wrapped in falsely protected darkness into the glorious healing light. Open my word. Listen. Listen.

I have called you to inherit My blessing... 1 Peter 3:9

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Jennifer said…
I love how lovingly and passionately God woos us and pursues us and desires intimacy with us. Does it not make your heart swell with so much love and joy and excitement that you feel you just might burst open!? Thank you for revealing how He is speaking to you, I feel as though He is speaking to me through these words too...

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