Gomer: The Baby Room

If we would have been around in 1914, this is where our butler would have slept. This is the "Butler's Quarters." It has a closet in it so he could have supplied us with linens at a moment's notice. For us, this tiny room became a junk graveyard, the place things went to die. For two days, I loaded up 4 huge outdoor trash bags. Now free of debris, we must sand and stain the floor, insulate the walls, buy a new window, and put up ceiling tile. It is somewhat funny if you think about it. Most people who are trying to decorate a nursery are agonizing over paint color. We are hanging drywall. There is no butler, but we'll take the baby. Must get to work. Wait til you see the bath tub too. It's exquisite!

I noticed that I hadn't bought anything for Yasha, our to be born daughter. This made me realize that after six miscarriages and some heavy oppression in my life that I was hesitant to allow myself to be fully vested in this venture. This summer I began to remedy this at a baby boutique or two. This woobie is to die for and that blinged out pacifier holder makes me happy every time I see it. If you want to come over and sand or show up at my baby shower randomly, please do. Let me tell you of what the Lord has done for me. My unborn daughter has an amazing testimony already. Don't worry. I'm writing it all down.


stephanie said…
Stephanie, this made me cry. I miscarried right before, Sweet Saylor, joined us...I remember feeling the same weight. Praise the Lord for freedom! I will be at your baby shower & I am so delighted & encouraged by your testimony. Blessings to a beautiful "story" and a fully vested mommy!
maggie may said…
hooray for yasha!
i'm so excited for your growing family!
and you look great too! ;)

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