A Fifth Great Awakening

I was going to blog about tacos today, but I have been pondering something.  Throughout history there have been revivals that sprang up in simple places that have effected the globe. I heard Jim Dennison say that the world is experiencing a fifth great awakening, but not here. As we have traveled and around America and filled the pews at many churches, I have been left to wonder at something. Is the Spirit of God disgusted with our churches? Does He hate our shiny, happy Jesus pep rallies? Has He vacated our sanctuaries? Do false prophets fill our pulpits? Why aren't we noticing? Too many plans and visions of our own? Too much emotional manipulation and entertainment? Why aren't we on our faces in repentance? Why are we not yelling out, "Abba, come back to us?" Perhaps, our hearts are cold to our Father and we are just complacent enough to think we have enough of Him. 

Return to us, Lord. Make your home in us, with us again. Do not abandon us as we have abandoned you. You signed your name with blood to a covenant with us. Avenge your name.



Steve said…
Some very good questions. It seems as though our main concerns these days, is to keep people happy. The churches today seem to be in the entertainment business, and its for sure that we do not prepare ourselves for Sunday morning service, to worship a Holly God. May God bless you for your prayer and concerns.

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