Croque Madame at The Mix

I was recently fortunate enough to discover The Mix in Hewitt, Texas. It was fabulous. You simply must check out the store and dine in if you can. The boutique items are too fabulous and they sell my favorite, Tyler Candles. What "flavors" do I like, you ask. French Market, Fleur de lis, and High Maintenance. 

The atmosphere of the bistro is exquisite. Classical music. A perfect mix of antiques and glam! If you want to go, call me! I dined on the Croque Monsieur (which was actually the Croque Madame). It's a ham and swiss sandwich topped with a fried egg and melted swiss on top. Fab! Maybe I will try the recipe on my blog soon. Let your mouth begin to water...

I went to lunch with these two lovely ladies. We have been friends for a decade. One of them was telling us over lunch how her daughter had mastered nouns and I burst into tears (I was so happy for her/ a day of high pregnant hormones). We had the best laugh over that! Many other ladies only humorous things came about, but you'll never know about those (wink)! God is good to give us life long friends.


Warren Baldwin said…
Isn't letting me leave a post. Will try again.

Sandwich looks great! I'd travel to Texas for it.
Steph Cherry said…
Warren, if you come to Texas, come to our house, I will make you one!
Warren Baldwin said…
I certainly will! Thanks!
Emily said…
OK... my mouth is officially watering. Will be awaiting this recipe. It looks so yummy.

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