Mary Beth, My Pen Pal

A couple of years ago I had the desire to write letters with someone (like the good old days). I asked God who I should ask to be my pen pal and he told me Mary Beth. I am sure there are hundreds of rational reasons I could come up with to do this like growing as a writer or indulging in someone's story. Truth be told, I think God is teaching me to cultivate love like He cultivated life by hand in Eden. 

For years, every time I would see Mary Beth her presence would nourish my spirit. She is so full of life and joy. I have never been around her and not laughed atleast 20 times. There is something simply amazing about her. I wanted a bit of it for myself and a touch of it to offer to others. 

I love my sweet pen pal. We started writing several years after I had moved from where she lives and shortly after she lost her beloved husband of 56 years. She doesn't look old enough to have been married that long! Mary Beth is vibrant beyond description. I cannot tell you how many times I have received a letter from her on the worst of days or how simply writing to her lifts my spirits. I love her dearly.
Cultivate Love.

*we were both dying laughing at my mom trying to use my camera!


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