Erasing Hell by Francis Chan

I must confess something. The morning after I purchased this book, I snuck out of bed at a ridiculously early hour so I could read the entire thing before my family awoke. I was curious about Francis Chan's stance on the whole issue that has been brought to the surface by Rob Bell. I must confess, I have never been a Rob Bell fan. He lost me at the Elvis in Velvet Elvis, if you know what I mean. The man is a brilliant communicator and I am praying that this compassionate book will rebuke his false teaching and adjure him to truth. I am thankful for him in a way. It has caused many to discover truth about hell where we would otherwise like to go on our personal belief systems.

The pairing of these two individuals to author this book is a beautiful picture of how I believe Christ would bring rebuke with hope of restoration. Preston brought rich insight and deep theological study. Francis brought the voice of compassion. The book was very careful to not call a brother a fool and be guilty themselves. As Francis set forth the truth about hell, you could see genuine repentance for not preaching this truth hard enough in the past. He states that we cannot afford to be wrong on this issue. Hell is real. God is just. Scripture clearly supports it. A great read.


Abe's Heart said…
I'm definitely going to look for this book in my local library. Thanks, for the insightful review.

Abe's Heart.

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