Aaron Shust: This Is What We Believe

I was touched by watching Aaron's video on YouTube. It really gave me a lens to view this project through. Watch it if you are able. There is a richness to what he is lyrically proclaiming in the face of a grave illness that overtook his son. God is glorified and exalted in this project. You can see His goodness in the midst of trial. 

Hope is offered to the listener in the lead single "My Hope is In You." I was touched by this line, “My hope is in You Lord/ 
all the day long/ 
I won’t be shaken by drought or storm/ 
the peace that passes understanding is my song/ and I sing/ 
my hope is in You alone." The gospel is clearly laid out for us throughout the entire project. Christ is seen. Christ is called upon.  Somehow, he made an upbeat, contemporary album very restful and peaceful. It's the kind of music you could listen to all day and not grow weary. It gives rest to the spirit of a person. Check out his new album.


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