Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bible Memory

We love to do art around the Cherry house. Why should we do worksheets when we could color, paint, or sidewalk chalk it? That's my theory. I saw this really fun idea on a Bible memory website for children. I was really excited about it because I am nerdy and I love school supplies. It truly is fun. We memorize a new scripture every two weeks. Every day we try to artistically recreate it in some way. The great thing is that I learn and have as much fun as she does. That is the secret to great homeschool. Enjoy yourself thoroughly. 

On the inside of the binder you use the plastic pouches to hold your memory verses. Then you can flip through them like flash cards. I either do a search for the particular verse as a color sheet or I make my own. The word of God is rich and I have been deeply blessed to see my daughter learn so many verse using this method. Turn everything into a song and paint it. Then pray that the Holy Spirit plants it deeply into your children's heart.

Create. Laugh. Love.

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