Writing Letters

I have been doing a thirty day challenge with my friend Kristi. We each picked three people that we wanted to deepen our relationships with and we do exercises each day toward that goal. The idea is to be real, personal, vulnerable, intimate. Living in a world of fast food communication, this is a difficult process. Society has taught us to be consumers of communication. Everyone scrolls the facebook feed to gorge on information. The problem is that we have stopped having genuine fellowship. We have traded our coffee talk for a cyber chat. One of the challenges in the study we are doing is to forego social media for a day each week and write a real note. Yes, a note on paper. A note written with a pen. You have to stamp it and mail it. I chose Thursday. I didn't get on Facebook or Twitter and I wrote some cards. I wrote cards to people and tried to be as vulnerable as I could in my expression.I believe I prefer it. 
It's your turn. Buy a box of cards.


ps. I made party shrimp and minestrone for my new recipes this week. Gomer has guests this weekend. Must prepare for them!


The Meuniers said…
I love, love, love this idea! I'm going to do it myself! I love and hate social media like FB. It's made us over-connected yet shallow and without any real feeling as we read and read without any real purpose. Yes, it's great to know what that kid in my 3rd grade class is up to these days but where are the real relationships?

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