Always True by James MacDonald

James MacDonald offers his readers a gift in the pages of his newest book, Always True. He reminds us all of the simple and yet precious and profound promises of God as we go through life's harshest storms. 

I needed to read this book. As I battle the storms of life and relationship, quite frankly, I sometimes feel like I am in a three legged race with a one legged man. Life is hard and it comes with much baggage. As I read through the promises of God, I would tear up being reminded of the things that I knew to be true from His word. God is good. I needed to be reminded of each and every page in the book. About a quarter of my copy is underlined. I would put this as a must read book of 2011. Start off by remembering, or learning for the first time, a few of God's promises. 

I loved this book because it never deterred or derailed from anything other than the beauty and steadfastness of the goodness of God. It was page by page an exaltation of the attributes of the Lord. I was deeply blessed to meet my heavenly Father there for encouragement. Thank you, James MacDonald. Your work and warfare have enriched my relationship with God at a much needed time.

Please pick up a copy of this for yourself. Keep your heart steadfast on God.
This book for graciously given by Moody publishers for review. I also have a copy to give away. Leave a comment to win!


Unknown said…
I love that this book has a tree on the front cover. Sometimes we forget what the tree(leaves, vine, branches, etc) represents in scripture. It ties your comments to the scriptures quite well for me. I love your reviews.
Tiffany Atwood said…
I am in a season of life that is being marked by God persistently reminding me and showing me who He is - that who He is and what He gave me in His Son (His best!) is enough. And He keeps asking me if I believe it. Some days it is easier than others. But I just keep clinging to and running to Him when my eyes are drawn away by the allure of worldliness and other idols I have still held on to. He has been so tender in His rebuke. How I love Him so! In the midst of one of the hardest years in my marriage, He is faithful and good and tender and merciful. This book definitely sounds like a must-read for me. Love you, Steph!
michele jacoby said…
Think I need to read this book. =) Currently trying to remember and remind myself of the truths of God in the midst of a difficult season. Thanks so much for your heart, your honesty - and your reviews of books and music! =) Love you, lady!

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