Flowers of the Son

Flowers of the Son is a new movie from Jews for Jesus featuring their mission efforts to reach the Jewish people in Israel. It is a truly a compelling documentary. I was struck by how few people in Israel knew who Jesus was. I believe it was one tenth of one percent. 6,000 out of five million of God's chosen people actually know the name of His Son. The Jews for Jesus team were repeatedly attacked by othodox Jews. It showed me how narrow my thinking about Israel is. Some ninety percent of the population are secular. The Jewish people call Jesus Yeshu instead of Yeshua. Yeshu means "may his name be blotted out." The Jews for Jesus team holds up signs that say "Yeshu = Yeshua = Salvation." May all of Israel be saved. 

This is a great resource to get you thinking about God's people in Israel. Watch it with your family or small group or church. It is fascinating.


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