Gomer: Shiny, Happy Foyer

 It's a thrill a minute here at Gomer's House. We never know who the Lord is going to send our way to volunteer. In December, God put it on Joel's heart to come sheetrock our foyer, dining room, and study. Today he showed up in the 32 degree weather to get started. It is the same temperature downstairs as it is outside, mind you. Denbigh and Joel worked for six hours. I took pictures about halfway through what they did today. After that, it was too cold for me. The cool thing is that he is coming back next week to do more. I am constantly amazed at what God does. He stirs hearts and brings us help that we could get no other way. Our help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Now, doesn't seeing this drywall make you want to run over and strip the paint off the rest of this moulding so we can stain it? You can. That's right. We will let you. You can come on Monday to our work day. You can also bring out your church group, Bible study group, or a bunch of your friends at any time. We will load you up with food, drinks, and power tools. Come one. Come all.Come to Gomer's to volunteer!
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