Gomer: Thanks, Jesus!

 It's a wild ride living in the Spirit here at Gomer's House. Hold on to our hats. We have been sanding down the front of our house a bit at a time. It is quite a bit of work to sand off a hundred years of caked on paint. We just do a little at a time. Then we congratulate ourselves. I figure if all my friends would just come sand one board we could knock this out in no time.
 Randomly (as usual), some neighbors came to hang drywall Saturday in the servant's stairs and the parlor. It is such a blessing to have friends come give an hour or two here and there.
 Here is another photo of some of what Joel and Denbigh did in the foyer. We are on the fast track to having our drywall downstairs complete.
This is the ceiling in our bathroom. It looks depressing, I know. The thing is, it looks way better than it did. It was full of staples and the remnants of old tiles. Now, we can get down to business and finish the drywall on the wall and ceiling. I'm gonna feel like a million bucks in my bathroom with it's fancy drywall.
Yasha is 11.5 pounds and 23 inches.


Tiffany B. said…
Yay, God! And yay for pics of sweet Yasha! She's just precious.

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