The Wine Cup: a Wildflower

Yesterday was pretty exciting here. By exciting, I mean insane. I spend most of my time keeping my youngest from scaling things. Last year, the middle girl fell here and knocked herself out on the tile floor. Eyes rolled back in the head...the whole nine yards. As you can imagine, I am extremely cautious about the baby scaling tall bar stools. Lord help me. Also, the one year old followed her sister to the potty and stuck her hands in it when she was finished going. You know the fun doesn't stop there. She stuck those fingers in her mouth, y'all. To finish up the night, she pooped in the tub. Clean the tub. Rebathe. Is that a word? It should be. I do it often. 
This one is a tub pooper. 

You are thinking I live a charmed life. 

I am here at camp cruising through Beth Moore's Children of the Day. I am on Day Five. I am in love. I keep crying about the deep love of Christ for us in the book of First Thessalonians. I want all of you to do it. Come sit with me. Bring coffee. The word of the Lord is rich, friends. It is flawless. 

I walk around a lot here. Sunday, I clocked twelve miles. I love searching for my favorite Texas wild flower, the Wine Cup. This is the only time of year they are in bloom. Y'all,  these flowers preach the gospel to me. As you may know, they put the real wine in the cup at our church. Oh my. So, the wine cup bears great significance to me. It is about communion. The Eucharist. Thanksgiving. Christ tells us to think of Him every time we drink it. 

When you drink of this cup, think of Me.

He tells us to anticipate His yearn for Him. 

Every time you drink from this cup, yearn for Me.

This is the gamut of my mind on a daily basis. Crying because of poop. Crying because of the Thessalonians sharing the gospel. Crying over the Wine Cup.

Love y'all.


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