Sanding an Old Mansion

You know, we bought this old mansion to use as a no cost retreat center for pastors and missionaries. Denbigh is often too busy to work on it. He is always doing work for church or traveling around playing his guitar for Jesus. That leaves me to rehab the house. You can easily come to understand why I am deeply grateful for volunteers. There are so many things that I just cannot do. I am excited for the volunteers coming this Saturday. I cordially invite you to come join us from 8 to 4 this Saturday. There is something for every skill level. If you can keep my kids from running in the street, you can volunteer.

I have been filling in the cracks on the floor in our guest room with twine and putty (a trick I learned from This Old House) for months. I did it in my spare time. That's about 7 minutes a day. I could never seem to get it done because there are always people in there. I did it, people. Praise the Lord. It seems like a minor thing, but I bet I have a good cry over this floor before it's all over. Between the three girls, running a business, and traveling 5 months out of the year, time for projects is hard won. This is a victory. My goal is to finish sanding this floor before Friday. Let it be, Lord. Let it be. 

There is one wall left to hang sheet rock on in here. Then we bead board and mould out the ceiling. If you can come on Saturday to help us make this a reality, I will be ever grateful. Bless your heart and what not. 

This is why I get no work done. The red-haired power to draw me to snuggle is legendary.
This is the chaotic state of my living room whilst I rehab the guest room.
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