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I read Falling Free

I had purchased this ebook quite a while back because it was on sale on Amazon. I didn't start reading it until recently after a nudge from the Holy Spirit and my friend Jana. I could identify with the story right away. This woman and her husband had fancy government jobs and the perfect little farmhouse in the country. Then our wild God decided they would be best suited to live in a run down neighborhood in the inner city.  She goes on to document how God taught her to interact with people nothing like her, people who were scary. Her neighbors were in and out of prison. She brought some of them into her home. This is a tale of laying down expectations, perfection, and control. It'a lesson I have learned in all the stages of construction. Let the people in anyway. The people are what matter. We aren't here to build a facade of loveliness for people to admire. We are here to build into the hearts of human beings.That will hurt more than anything else you will ever do,

I read The Apache Wars slowly ...

It took me several weeks to get through this book. It may be the most intense and bloody book I have ever read. Someone, or many people, died on every one of the 528 pages. It was brutal. Another reviewer stated how heavy and packed with information it was. I can second that. I do have to say that Mr. Paul Andrew Hutton did his homework. I was truly amazed at how he was able to get all of this information in here and still tell it like a story instead of as a text book. Bravo. I learned many terrible things while reading this book. People this short time period ago were pretty heartless. A few short generations back, people were literally violently killing everyone they didn't agree with. I learned that the Europeans are the ones that brought scalping to our country. The Apaches would rarely even do it because it was so brutal. Reading about how one goes about scalping another person almost did me in. There were bad people all around in this story. The white man stealing

I read Giddy Up, Eunice by Sophie Hudson

Let me be honest. I didn't read this book when it came out because of the title. I never even read past the title to what the book was about. It was too goofy for me. Recently, as I was trying to find something to give to a friend of mine, the cover flashed in my head. Then I ran across it and actually read the premise. I thought, oh, I need to read this. So, I bought a few copies. Sophie is a great author. Maybe you remember her from A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet. My friend Amy and I at book club. We ate Southern fare and discussed A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet. Amy was crowned Queen of the South and led from her throne...complete with dog. A post shared by Stephanie Cherry (@heystephcherry) on Apr 27, 2014 at 8:21pm PDT I loved that book. This one did not disappoint either. I needed to read it because I was reading some other heavy books and even though Sophie deals with hard hitting subjects, she does it in light-hearted story form. Sometimes, she dr

Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders

I decided to purchase this book to read for two reasons. It was a hot summer read and I am curious about what people around me are drawn to. It is also something I wouldn't normally read. Let me tell you, I had a difficult time getting going with this book. As I began, I was sure all of this book's readers were crazy. It's written as though you are reading portions of diary entries from people who could not spell or formulate sentences. My head wanted to implode. Even at page fifty, I tried to come up with how I would describe this book for a review. One line from from Truvy in the movie Steel Magnolias came into my head. "The nicest thing I can say about her is that all of her tattoos are spelled correctly." I read on. Let me tell you, I finally came to see how George's writing style is brilliant. I actually felt like I was interacting with these people. The book made me do quite a bit of research. The story is based off of evidence that when President