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Kicking it with Beth Moore at Siesta Fiesta

This Blog is updated each Tuesday. Over the weekend a few girlfriends and I spent what seemed to be an eternity trying to get to San Antonio to see Beth Moore at the Alamodome. We got lost 3 times . . . once in our hotel! Did you know there are two fourth floors at The Menger? We had some odd experiences there, but like the adventurers we are, we loved it. They say the place is haunted so we spread around as much Holy Ghost as we could.  Beth was phenomenal. I loved every minute of it. She spoke of our inheritance as Christians being God's presence, His people, and property. Mostly, what I took home was that had no reason to lack confidence in Christ Jesus and if anything is to be done, God will be the One to do it. During a season of total reliance on God as we are seeking to build Gomer's House , the Lord reminded me that He was at work. I just need to pick up the shovel when He says to start digging.  I loved the after time that she opened up to us fellow bloggers, Siesta Fi

The Music Man

This Blog is updated each Tuesday. Is it raining where you are? I am loving the rain on the tin roof! We are on a a few day rest after being on the road since May. Praise God for doing nothing!!! I am just here pondering what God wants us to do next and where exactly God wants us to go. I feel like God is calling us away from a few things so that we can pour our hearts into something beautiful. Learning patience is not an easy thing.  What is God teaching you? I saw these quotes on Justin Childer's blog and thought I would share.  "Nobody is ever envious of others who is not first proud of himself." "Before we can begin to see the cross as something done  for  us, we have to see it as something done  by  us." Do you realize the depth of your sin and pride? I think our society calls sin a flaw and elevate ourselves above others. We blame others for our own insecurities. The problem is that people are not meant to meet our needs. People are not meant to control ho

Come Home to Your Calling

This Blog is updated each Tuesday. The clouds have looked like buttery chiffon to me quite a bit lately. The other evening on my drive into Austin, I watched God throw a fancy dress party in the heavens.  It inspired me to throw a fancy dress party right here on my blog.  Go ahead and cancel your cable. We have brought you a little Food Network, a little History Channel, a hint of TBN . . . and today I offer you a touch of the Travel Channel. Prepare yourself to be excited beyond words. ------------------- Last week, at Shiloh, I was allowed to present a word to my sisters in Christ. It came to me as I was studying about Isaiah.  The prophet Isaiah was allowed to do some amazing things in his life. He prayed and hundreds of thousands of blood thirsty Assyrians died outside Jerusalem in the night. He told Hezekiah that the shadow of the sun would move backward and he would live 15 years longer. Those things happened. He had such a close relationship with God that when Yahweh determin

Obligations of a Sister Saint

This Blog is updated each Tuesday. I am thankful for the handful of friends that I have who love the Lord and love me. I know I have a ton of people in my life who do one or the other really well. It is a rare gift to find someone who does both. Today, I celebrate you!  It has taken decades of continual cultivation for me to understand what God calls us to in the love of the sister saints. Kindness. Kindness is not just about bringing meals when you are sick or have a baby. Neither is it just being nice to you when your around.  Authentic kindness to me is a deep level kind of thing that we have lost sight of. When someone hurts you or does something you don't like, your sister obligation is to tell them so that they can seek repentance and healing. I will admit something here. If I think you are bothered by me and don't tell me but tell someone else, I will avoid you like a plague. Real friends are concerned with the spiritual well being and growth of the people around them.