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"I Still Rise."

On the eve of Easter I decided to go outside and see what the Lord was up to. In the sky above He had painted the sky with clouds illuminated by a bright full moon. A deep desire fell on me to get up and see the sunrise in the morning. I kept hearing three words pound in my heart, "I still rise." Easter morning. In the car, I head off with my camera to see what sort of sunrise will be painted this morning. Clouds covered the sky and mostly hid the sun. As it broke through the clouds I remembered John 20 which I had read that morning. The empty tomb . The sun broke through just as Christ broke through the veil of death.           He is risen! Staring at the majesty of the morning I saw a bird break through the cloud barrier and I was again reminded that Christ overcame death and separation from the Father. But before he entered heaven, Jesus went into a garden and, kneeling before the Father, he received your sin onto his own body (Isa. 53:6). Every one of your sins was placed

Why Bother?

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and rest in what  your Father says about you while you watch this video. I have recently encountered some things that have made me wonder why I write this blog. Who am I writing to? What is it I am trying to get out to the people that read this blog? In Jesus' day people would follow Rabbis. It was the Rabbi's job to interpret the Scripture. The people followed the Rabbi that they believed interpreted the Scripture most closely to God's meaning. I am no Rabbi, but I am listening and studying. I believe I am writing this blog for Christians who desire to overcome brokenness and move on to the next level of life God has for them. As I study, I desire to share the things God is teaching me.  My heart here is not to indoctrinate you into my way of thinking, but to simply cause you to think . I want to lay before you what I learn. From there, you lay it before God and let Him do  whatever He desires to do . Are you willing to lay down your

Where is Veribest, Texas?

This Blog is updated each Tuesday. This is my favorite little thing I get in my email each day. It isn't a lot of reading or struggling through some devotional. It is a simple promise of God delivered right to your inbox. Check it out. 365Promises I was honored to spend last week with one of our top three favorite preachers,  Robert Barge  (the others Voddie Baucham and Neil McClendon ). We spent our week at  The Veribest Bapt ist Church with people who truly love the Lord . It was a privilege to serve them. I was overwhelmed by the love and godliness of the family  there. Amazing. As I sat listening to Robert speak about evaluating our lives, I remembered a  conversation I had with a friend recently. It was about what people watch on television. We had been listening to people talk about watching some raunchy shows on television like it was no big deal.  The person I was with was truly surprised that these women watch these shows. I took something away from that. People are  

Hold On To Your Hats

This Blog is updated each Tuesday. I have a funny and compulsive habit of repeatedly watching the same movie during different seasons of my life. Sometimes it is The Great Outdoors, Pride and Prejudice, or anything Audrey Hepburn. Right now, it's Elizabethtown. In the movie, a husband and father dies and it leads these people to find "life" for themselves. In the beginning of the movie three of the family members are in the airport and one of them remarks," I was still waiting for it to get started . . . and now . . . it's over." Later on in the movie there is a scene where the son of the deceased man is in a hotel room on a floor with an enormous wedding party. The groom stumbles upon him and finds out he is there for his dad's funeral. In super dramatic fashion he exclaims," Death and life. Life and death...right next door to eachother." That happened to us last week. On the day we buried my brother, Denbigh's brother's wife gave birt