Monday. Monday.

Hello, friends. I'm going to attempt to blog from my ipad since this crazy rain keeps knocking out the power. I don't want to accidentally toast our iMac. It was an intense drive to camp today. I was driving myself, but it was making me a nervous wreck. Denbigh drove us from the halfway point. It's wild. There are tornado warnings all around. I'm thankful to have arrived here safely. 

We headed home on Saturday and took care of some things around Gomer. On Sunday, Denbigh led worship at our church home. It was nice to see our church family. After an outdoor lunch, I convinced Denbigh to let me take the ol' John Deere out so I could mow the yard. He loves to mow, but it was his only day off until August. He caved and let me mow. Our zero radius mower is so fun, y'all. I liken it to getting to drive a go cart around the yard. You can't help but smile the whole time. It mows our property in no time. We are so thankful for it. Thanks for being awesome, John Deere. Thanks for the gift, Jesus. 

As you can see, Chayah saw the mower and thought she would ride it like a boss. ( No, it isn't on.)

Is it pouring where you are? 


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