It's Sunday, y'all.

As I began typing this post, "It's Sunday, Y'all," I flashed back to the time I bought the Fly Lady's days of the week dish towels. I thought they were just perfect. Well, Denbigh Cherry would always put the wrong towel out for the day at hand. Can you imagine? He also switches the Mr. and Mrs. pillows to the wrong side of the bed on occasion just to mess with me. He is a full blown rebel.

As you may know, I started working out six days a week a year and a half ago to rectify some health issues. At home I jog and hop around on my rebounder. I needed one at camp so we picked up one at Target. Let me tell you something. Do not buy a rebounder at Target. It is impossible to put together. We returned it and bought one at Walmart. It comes mostly assembled. (My original one has a bar and came from Academy.) Any who, I love it. My goal each day is around 17,000 steps or seven miles. The average person moves less than 3,000 steps a day. That presents a playground for a host of issues that we can alleviate if we just move. *The rebounder helps with adrenal fatigue if you're tired. (side note- My husband started referring to me as Charles Barkley after I purchased the rebounder.)

I don't get to go to church here at camp, but I heard my man leading worship at chapel and did my Bible study. One of the questions from today asked what topic can move you to tears in a sermon. The saints loving each other, y'all.  It gets me every time. John 13:35 is one of my favorite verses. "They will know you belong to me by your love for one another." Authentic love is a rare and beautiful gift.

One of my favorite things here is the scene when all of the new staff show up. The resident staff go crazy. They are jumping up and down and shouting, "You're here. We've been waiting for you." Oh that we would translate that kind of warmth into our daily meeting with the saints. May our brothers and sisters be encouraged by the very present love of Christ in us.


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