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Rise of the Servant Kings by Ken Harrison

Wow. I am not a man and I am not rising to be a servant king, but I thought this book was powerful. Whenever I come across how to books, I admit that I assume they are going to be cheesy with poor illustrations. This is definitely what is happening here. Ken takes his time in and since the LAPD to share hard hitting stories about integrity in the face of cultural lack thereof.  Y'all should read it. I was drawn in by the title. Humility is so lacking in our culture and I thought it would be good to get a nice dose of it. I thought I could pray through it for my man and I did. The thing I was not expecting is how much the book spoke to me. It reenergized things in my heart that had grown weary. It encouraged me time and again to seek God in humility instead of paving my own way. Ken's own telling of pride and God calling him to submission was a beacon of light.  As I read, I write out things about books that speak to me. I wrote about the story telling. The unusual st