All Things Southern

I couldn't really sleep last night so I went ahead and got up early this morning to pray and read. I went to sit outside because my husband keeps it so cold in our room that you could hang meat. I told him he would be all the rage with the hot flash crowd. If you know any menopausal women, send them over. I periodically just step outside to thaw out. Look at where I was thawing this morning. It never ceases to amaze me that I get to sit here and look at this every day for three months.

I've been reading Heart Wide Open and The Nesting Place. One is on my iPad and one I have a real life copy of. You might call it a hard copy. I prefer the term "real life." I'm loving The Nesting Place. It reminds me of my friend Amy. Her house is quite charming. The lady who wrote Heart Wide Open has a blog/radio show called The Belle of All Things Southern. What! We are practically soul mates. More to come on all of that.

Denbigh shared at chapel this morning. It was lovely. I was blessed to spend the morning with a friend here. After lunch, I passed out with my girls. These are the days of my life. Friends are coming to visit me tomorrow, y'all. Im excited. Im sure you will hear much about it. Love y'all.


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