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First Family Detail by Ronald Kessler

I picked this book to review because it is something my husband is interested in. It gave us some interesting things to talk about. It scarred me and gave me hope. I was not shocked at all about the ways of many of our presidents. We are well aware of their sexual exploits. I had no idea how far they went however and I am sure that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Clinton had several mistresses that showed up right when Hillary would leave. I never realized how much man power and money it costs our nation for these escapades. It also puts our country in great danger.   LBJ was the worst scoundrel. He hung around the White House pool naked giving orders to his secretaries. He also did this in front of his wife and children. He had a bevy of beauties ever at his service...even some of his friends' wives. People gave him permission to do this. He had women staying at his ranch with his wife there and would go be with them at night. I kind of want to throw up. Is this ancien

Seven Women by Eric Metaxas

I took this read down to the beach last week. I stayed up one night until 2 a.m. to finish it. It was good. It is the follow up to Eric's 7 Men which I thought was exceptional. This book was more so to me. Perhaps I could better relate to it's characters or because it spoke clearly into things I am processing right now. I would go so far as to tell you that it is life changing. First there is Joan of Arc. I honestly have no idea what to think of her and her chatting with dead people, but she was courageous and followed whole heartedly what she firmly believed God was telling her to do. The crazy things she stated came to pass. She never wavered in her commitment and was willing to challenge even the highest in authority in her kingdom face to face to do what compelled her. I had never read anything about Susanna Wesley, mother of John and Charles. She was quite the intelligent woman and well read. She taught all of her children to read and educated them in the gospe