Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Didn't Even Bake the Cookies

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If you could do anything with your life, what would it be? I challenge you this week to turn off your t.v., computer, or other distraction and do one thing you always say you'd like to do. Read. Write. Paint. Laugh. Don't find yourself saying "I wish I had made time to do that" when your life is coming to an end. Do the thing now. Raise the bar for your own life. Better yet, set the bar down and do some dancing.

If I could do anything, I would do much of what I am doing now. I think I'd like to quit trying so hard for things to be done and just enjoy life. I would like to lay aside lists and "to do." I would like to curl up on the couch more at the coffee shop and enjoy someone's company.

The other day I was out on my parent's property. I sat on the swing under a big oak tree just breathing. I realized I need to do that more. My dad has a small dry erase board on his fridge (Ice Box to my southern friends). On it, he had his to do list. It had two simple words on it. "Bake cookies." I decided to have a day like that last week. It was a blessing for me. I actually even marked out "bake cookies." I just enjoyed the day of nothing. I highly recommend it.

Our week was marked by a profound miracle. I wish I could tell you all about it, but I have promised not to. God answered a prayer of mine that I have been petitioning Him for 2 1/2 years. He did it in such a way that I have no room to doubt that it was Him. Maybe someday I can share. Just praise Him with me! At the end of my miracle, I was blessed to give away my car. I never thought that would be possible. God allows us to do things that we are far too selfish to do if left to ourselves.

My husband spent a few days at a leadership conference in Dallas. He got to see Voddie and talk with him....and bring me home his new book, "Family Driven Faith." I can't wait to dig into it! Denbigh stayed at Al Denson's ranch. He says it was one of the most amazing places! I can't wait for my turn to go.

On Sunday, we went to church with my mom and heard Brother Roy give a word about being a Barnabas..an encourager. They called this man Barnabas because he was so encouraging. I thought that I'd like to be conformed to Christ so much so that people say my given name just won't do. I am praying toward that end. On a sidebar, I am dealing with some negative people in my life and I have no idea how to handle it. Is your anger righteous if someone's negativity is effecting your husband...when all you do is pray for and try to build him up? I found this book called
Living With Eeyore. It is a Christian book on how to deal with negative people. I just ordered it. I will let you know how it plays out.

Laomai's Update:
She is currently chewing on the backside of a purple lamb.

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    Great article by John Piper

  • What I'm reading:

    Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    A River of Life

    This Blog is updated each Tuesday.

    Following in her father's footsteps:

    It has been a whirlwind week with the Cherry family. We spent 3 days at Carolina Creek leading worship. On the way home, Denbigh dropped me at Camp Tejas in Giddings. Sunday we are at church all morning, pack up our bag again and head to Waco for Denbigh's brother's ordination as a deacon where my husband sang. Monday morning we pack back up and come home for my doctor's appointment after the fall. I sit here now wishing I were taking a nap, but my brain won't stop spinning.

    Thank you to all of you who prayed for the River of Life group. We got on the floor and the Holy Spirit descended on us during prayer. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that people were healed and set free this weekend. I know it was not my speaking or our worship. God had informed me He was coming and to get out of His way. What a sweet and beautiful Savior we have that meets us in the most intimate ways. We praise you, Lord Jesus.
    Thank you for allowing us to see and partake in Your glory.

    I was laughing about all the things that happened to my family during the few weeks I was working on the retreat, but they weren't funny. Here is the rundown:

    *oven caught fire
    *broke toe
    *car broke down
    *took a horrible fall (now in physical therapy, likely had mis-carriage)at Texas Cinema
    *Mom fell down our stairs
    *Denbigh fell down our stairs
    *Computer cord sparked and caught on fire
    *Vase fell and broke
    *Denbigh charged by a raccoon
    *Denbigh electrocuted
    *Denbigh almost stepped on a Copperhead
    *Got into a car accident

    I know the enemy had much worse plans for us, but GOD. But God saw fit to deliver us into the place and descend on us like a dove. When we were a mile away from the camp I was saying,"Thank you for getting me here, Lord Jesus. I could walk the rest of the way." I fell prostrate on the floor in my room and thanked Him for whatever He was going to do that the enemy wanted to stop.
    He moved. Praise Him!

    I had a wonderful time with these women. They are the most unassuming group of women I have ever met. Beautiful! It is my joy and my honor to intercede for them.

    Here are some random thoughts: Has the entire population of American parents gone completely insecure and tried to find their worth in how fast their kids do things? How does your child doing something, like getting a tooth, reflect on your genius? Seriously, it doesn't. Stop talking about it. The statistics for prodigies are that they are reluctant to talk and are late bloomers. If you have this issue, I would like to tell you that you have more worth than your children's speed of teeth cutting, words forming, or walking. Pursue your worth in Christ.

    Lastly, Denbigh went on and on about this phraseology the other day..."give them the hairy eyeball." What! I didn't think it existed. I argued with him, but I Googled it and there it is all over the place. It means to give them the "stink eye." Giving someone the "hairy eyeball" sounds disgusting to me. I keep saying it now though.
    If you do something weird or uncouth,
    I might just give you the hairy eyeball!

    Peace and blessing to you all. I love our daughter's big blue eyes. I prayed that she would either have my dad's green or my Papa Cooper's striking deep blue eyes. I prayed that because I thought seeing my Papa's eyes would minister to my mom. She definitely has them. It's an amazing thing. She definitely loves on and ministers to my mom (her Nonni). I love that God did that for her.

    I just saw something by Voddie Baucham about insincere worshippers. Do you pray or worship to be noticed by others? I get embarrased for people when you can tell they are obviously trying to do things to draw attention to themselves. I am praying that we each have humility in prayer and worship.
    May we not make a spectacle of ourselves.
    May God get the glory forever and ever.

    View from my room at Camp Tejas and the chapel:

    Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    The Big Five

    This Blog is updated each Tuesday.
    Early this morning I was sitting on my bed with my beloved daughter who is now a beautiful 6 month old. She is playing with her pony that Shelley brought her back from Wyoming (because every girl needs a pony). I am reading. I glance at her and a huge amount of white foam is coming out of her mouth! I start freaking out thinking my first born is having a seizure. She had stuck her hand in her mouth (chewing it) so far that she made herself start throwing up! I still have not recovered from this moment.
    I just turned white writing out the story.

    Keep us in your prayers this week. We are off to Carolina Creek to lead worship and then I am speaking at Camp Tejas for
    River of Life Community Church. I know I won't make it through my talks without singing that childhood song atleast once.

    Sing it with me:

    "I've got a river life flowing out of me
    It makes the lame to walk and the blind to see
    Opens prison doors and sets the captive free
    I've got a river of life flowing out of me
    Spring up, O well! Gush! Gush! Gush! Gush!
    within my soul
    Spring up, O well, splish, splash!
    and make me whole
    Spring up, O well
    and give to me
    that life abundantly!"

    So, now that I have said nothing spiritual or even really worth reading, I thought I'd talk to you about the
    The Big Five.
    Denbigh and I are confessed Mexican food snobs. There is only one place that meets all the criteria (besides Emily's Mama who makes a mean taco!). That place is Garcia's in Buda, Texas. It is in an old restored home on mainstreet. All the waitresses know us by name and comment each week we go there how Laomai has grown in the past seven days! What are the big five you ask.
    Let me break it down for you.

    1. Good beans. You can hardly find authentic, home-cooked beans.
    2. Good rice. Rice that is not drowned in that weird red sauce and actually tastes like a Mexican made it.
    3. Chips. Thin. Crispy. Salty. Warm.
    4. Salsa. Must be puréed and have a little kick!
    5. Dr Pepper must be perfectly blended and on tap...not in a can. (Garcia's also serves the best sweet tea!)
    The best thing...you can easily leave there for 15 bucks for 2 people.

    So, my props for my talks are a box cutter, some black face paint, and a pair of snake skin shoes. I am going to try to record some of it so that I can put it on You Tube. I truly feel like the Spirit of God desires to bring healing and revival to this group of women.
    Please keep us in your prayers!
    Our sessions are at 9:15 and 4:15 on Saturday.

    Pray that God shows us the land we are to buy and provides the money to get it. I am praying many blessings on you. Spring up, O Well, within your soul!!!!! (Rebecca, did you have that baby yet?)

    Below is the mean goose that attacked my husband.

    Tuesday, September 04, 2007

    Do You Smell Something Burning?

    Photo from Saturday picnic at Driftwood Vineyard with
    Cosmo and Suzi!
    Perfect Temperature. Perfect Food. Perfect Company.

    You can always tell that you are in the center of God's will for your life when you receive confirmation and attack. This week has held both of those things for us. I saw the cord of my Mac go up in flames (that's why I haven't answered your email) and my husband got attacked by a goose on his quiet time retreat to
  • Rustic Ridge Bed and Breakfast.

  • On the confirmation side our house has been a sanctuary to
  • Robert Barge
  • and
  • Cosmo
  • &
  • Suzi Raines.

  • On Saturday we went and partook in a picnic at Driftwood Vineyards. We felt such a peace there. Does anyone have any land that they would like to give us in that area?
    We will use it refresh the saints.

    My tough lesson of the week is leaving me a bit devastated. Twice I have been asked to pray along with others about certain situations. Each time I am the only one who hears a "no" from God. Each time, my no is disregarded. Each time it turns out badly. The situation has arisen again. This time, I was not even asked. Do they not want God's true word about the situation? Are these people truly praying and listening? If so, why don't they hear Him or are they being blatantly disobedient? This saddens my heart and I weep with God. How can we claim His work and refuse His Word?

    Emily, don't let your perception dictate your reality. Leave room for faith. God is at work in the undercurrent.

    Blessings on you
  • Professor (and Marianne)
  • for getting me a new cord. Frank Fahs works for Apple. I know you are thinking he is cool already. I also told him he looks like a mad scienist. He said I was not the first person to tell him that. Hmm. So, I call him the professor and his wife Marianne. Every time I have a date with Christine (aka Marianne) something crazy happens. The first time I went to eat at her house my oven caught fire as I was baking bread! My car broke down. I fall. When I needed to drop my cord off to get exchanged, I laughed and said,"Denbigh, you go do it."

    The racoon keeps visiting us. We named him Rocky.
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