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Is It Beneficial?

This Blog is updated each Tuesday. I went Christmas shopping in what some call the belt buckle of the Bible belt. Denbigh and I flitted from store to store wishing people a bubbly "merry Christmas!" It was never returned to us. As I was checking out of a Christian mega-store, I wished the cashier a "merry Christmas." Not only did she not return it, she looked at me like she was going to cry. She was stressed. How did we get here? Sure, we all wear our "keep Christ in Christmas" logos, but it has not taken over our hearts. We have replaced the heart of Christ with business. We sit around gossiping about people we say are our friends. We write letters to all our friends bragging about what our kids are doing. Christmas is about JESUS. What is HE doing? I'd really like to get a Christmas letter that says that God is working pride out of a broken heart or how obedience to Christ over comfort has blessed someone. Repeatedly over the holiday I kept thinking

Christmas Videos

Merry Christmas!

Peace on earth. We see it everywhere. On buildings. On cards. It's universal. It's generic. It's "all faiths." Beauty contestants tell you it's their deepest hope. Even those with a secular worldview tout it as their philosophy. The scripture, however, does not say that the peace will rest on the earth, but on you . What a humbling thought.  May the peace of God rest on you who have His favor this Christmas! "Glory to God in the highest,  and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests."  -Luke 2:14 I went to share at MOPS last week. I was sick the whole time, but I am prayerful that God was still glorified. I gave a portion of my testimony and shared how the Christmas story is God's love letter to us. Also, I shared the Father's Love Letter. I will include the video. I will include a hard copy to go out to all of you on our mailing list in January! Enjoy. I was reading the BBC News the other day and came across a reporter who decided to

Where To From Here

I have been pondering something lately. It is about beauty. There is such a flux of Christian women's material about us believing we are beautiful and lovely. I think it is wonderful. I know that this is an area the enemy attacks and we are left feeling repulsive and unusable. I think, however, it can be like any good thing. It can become an idol. It can lead us to pride. Yes, learn what God says about you. Then, move on. Once you know who you are in Christ you must move to the next step or that knowledge is fruitless. Many days you must love, give, serve and not be concerned with how you feel about yourself at all. You have to lay that perception of yourself down and continue on the journey. Don't you think that some of the most beautiful people are the ones least concerned with being perceived as beautiful..the humble serving saint? Press on to the next step. There is a specific place God has you to go to next. Go with Him. There is something else He desires to teach you. Lea

Update on Gomer

(part of the butler's pantry!) We are often asked about the name Gomer's House and if we know that Gomer was a prostitute. I think the beauty of Hosea and Gomer's story is in how far away she went as well as in how far he went to get her. In today's time she would be the equivalent of a woman who left her husband to become a crack whore in a cult and ended up involved in human trafficking. Hosea paid the price for her freedom. Sound familiar? In an incredible act of love God had chosen her redeemer long before she fell into the trap of the enemy. Long before she was broken and needy, God had chosen a man to bring her healing. Christ has done that for us today and continues to do so moment to moment. We want to be people's Hosea . . . the hands, feet, mouth of Christ to the matter what the need is. Simple burn out to adultery, addiction, or loss. We want to bring you back to the thing God has called you to do. I often think of what Gomer must have been

You Have Been Chosen To Rebuild

This Blog is updated each Tuesday. On Saturday we had an overwhelming 45 people show up to move and bless Gomer's House. It amazes me how God can bring people together for His glory. I am thankful to God for each and every person that helped and prayed on Saturday.  I love restoration. Over the past few years I have redone over 40 pieces of furniture. Something about it gets to me. It gives a physical symbol to a spiritual reality. Every square inch of our house needs to be restored . . . every square inch. God has already selected the people who will come restore and in the process be restored. I have begun praying a multiplied blessing on the servants God has chosen.  The trumpet blast has been heard. God sent a man to blow a horn on Pray day. Perhaps this means nothing to you, but to me it means more than I can say. A shofar (horn or ancient trumpet) was blown to rally the troops to a specific location. Felix had no idea that his trumpet playing would mean so much to me personal

I Cannot Deny the Cross

This Blog is updated each Tuesday. (Anne drew this picture of me with her eyes closed at an art class we took. It's a great likeness.) A week ago we gave every penny we had to a lady at American Title. I asked if I could have all of the pens in the office because I could no longer afford to buy Christmas presents. She said, "sure thing, sug," and handed me thirty pens. I hope it doesn't spoil the surprise, but I got all of you friends and family a "real nice" pen for Christmas!  In all seriousness, the events of our lives over the past year have been amazing and defeating. The beauty of being in Christ is that the defeat makes the amazing more beautiful. I am overwhelmingly grateful and humbled to have been written into the Father's love story. God has appointed this specific thing for me. The enemy may try to gain the glory for it, but I know God in His sovereignty appointed it for me. I give it back to Him to do with as He chooses. Today I went to the