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Down in My Life by Jill Briscoe

"Down in my life where it’s restless and wild, Down in my life where the adult’s a child , Down in my fears and worries and care Suddenly Jesus is there. Touching my heart strings He sings me a song, Quiets the child till she’s steady and strong, Banishes worries – just smiles them away Turning my night into day. Down in my life where the troubles run deep, Down in my life when I can’t get to sleep, Down in my life when life isn’t fair, Suddenly Jesus is there. Rebuking the turmoil; He sends it away, Gives peace in the panic and helps me to pray, Turns sorrow to praising, surprises my pain, And bids me to face life again. Down in my life where I’m lonely and old, Deep in my heart when my spirit is cold, Down in my life when I don’t know what’s best Suddenly Jesus gives rest. “Gift doesn’t age” He remarks with a smile, “I’ll set your soul dancing and make life worthwhile, I’ll guide you in righteousness: wisdom’s delight: And nerve your faint heart for the fight.” He stands in my

the Poetry of the Soul

Do you ever have those times in your life when winter has simply gone on too long? Perhaps you have had a winter spiritually, emotionally, or physically. Winter has lingered and you have yearned for spring in your spirit. You have yearned for winter to end. Then, you see it. You see the first thing that reminds you that the season of singing birds has come. Flowers poke through dried leaves and you cry out to the Lord, "Yes, Jesus, please. I yearn for the warm light of your love to speak spring in me ." You hear the familiar melody of a Father singing over His beloved child. You hear death breathed to life. You witness a resurrection and you weep. You saw life emerge from death. There in that dark moment that is being rushed with glorious life, you take note that you are the mustard seed. You become painfully aware of the cracked hull buried beneath the earth desperately waiting for spring. You wait there in that tomb completely powerless to bring forth or force life yourself

Hear No Evil by Matthew Paul Turner

Hear No Evil is the hilarious retelling of Matthew Turner's journey from a fundamental Baptist upbringing to discovering grace and music. This memoir shows us, with deep candor, the inside of growing up in this kind of rigid environment. We see the benefits of family and the destructive tendencies when we try to live without grace. I originally requested this book to review because I thought my musician husband might enjoy it. As I began reading it, I would catch myself laughing out loud. I ended up reading most of this book out loud to him as we went on a trip. It is fabulous. His humorous storytelling was at times very convicting and freeing to me. It reminded me that we are on a beautiful grace-filled journey towards our Creator. I highly recommend this book . Buy this book.

Tender Times of Hard Work

We were fortunate to have 20 people work here at the respite and spend the night with us last night. As you can imagine, I am tired today. As long as I can remember, I have wanted to serve lots of people in my home. Of course, it was always more glamorous in my mind. It wasn't deep in the throes or remodel. There is a part of me that doesn't want this phase to end though. I will be sad when the workers and the volunteers are not coming anymore. I will be sad when the work is done. I will miss them. There is just something special about people who love to serve behind the scenes in the least elegant of ways. I love the people who come to do the hard, monotonous work. I love the people who are willing to be filthy. Thank you, beautiful people. I cherish our time together. I think you are an amazing display of the servanthood of Christ.

Laomai Turns Three

My beautiful daughter turned three. I thought I would do a little photo spread of her. May God pour out every spiritual blessing on her!

Mother Daughter Duet by Cheri Fuller

Mother Daughter Duet is a guidebook to developing a harmonious relationship between a mother and an adult daughter. Written by a mother and daughter, this book reveals both sides of common conflicts that come up in the changing relationship dynamic. This duet was written in order to inspire the reader to a loving and authentic bond in their relationship. I had a difficult time reading this book. It felt like drudgery to finish it. I thought it was very superficial and like a bandaid on a gaping wound. It did not satisfy. In defense of the book, I am sure that there are a lot of women who could glean much knowledge from this book. There were a few good points and ideas to help mothers and daughters engage their relationship. It suggested taking your mom/daughter to the movies or out to eat or shopping to foster relationship. There was also some insight into problems that often arise in a mother daughter relationship that could help you overcome simple conflict. Buy this book. This book

Dancing with My Father by Sally Clarkson

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the events swirling around you? Has circumstance robbed you of joy? Sally takes us through a testimonial of finding joy with her Father. Overcoming to do lists, she began prayerfully seeking out deep- rooted spiritual joy. I did not know if I would like this book. I tend to stay away from things I think will be fluffy and without depth. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Sally Clarkson was a woman who had been walking with the Lord for some time. What she has written is no lite book. I felt as though I was being encouraged as I heard this woman's testimony of overcoming and finding joy. I was greatly encouraged in my own faith walk as I seek after God. I loved reading of how God spoke to her as a missionary and as a mom. Get your copy and be encouraged. This book was provided by Waterbrook Press for review. ††† Win a copy! Simply leave a comment to win .

La Cucaracha - is dead

I had a funny event happen to me while sitting in church on Sunday. Let me preface all of this by telling you that God has been teaching me about false prophets. He has shown me that their divisive acts tear apart churches and bring death. . . I am sitting in the back of church with my husband and two of the other men in the band. I see a roach start moving across the floor in front of us. As I was watching it, I heard God start speaking to me about this roach. Weird. "This is a physical reality representing a spiritual problem. Roaches carry death. For every one you see out in the open, there are a thousand in the walls. Do you know how many roaches one roach can hatch per year? Kill the roach." Seriously? Lord? Kill the roach? "Kill the roach." So, I stood up and slipped off my stiletto and I smashed it. . . in the middle of the sermon. I laughed and I asked God why He didn't tell one of the three guys next to me to kill the roach and I swear I heard Him lau