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Introverted Mom by Jamie C. Martin

I am an extroverted introvert. I flip flop on the Myers Briggs between an INFJ and an ENFJ. Even the E in the ENFJ exhibits many high introverted tendencies. The unusual pairing of this personality type is one that has great love of people and a need to processes life in quiet. It has truly been one of the biggest challenges that I have faced as an adult. How to balance a love of people, a deep need for quiet, and the constant chaos of being a homeschool mom. In complete honesty, I have no idea. I just kept moving forward and hoping for peace. Reading (and listening to) Jamie's book has helped me see clear to some strategies to help my heart thrive. If I lean too hard to the quiet or to the people, one side suffers. Jamie is helping me find balance. I am realizing that I need to build quiet days into my calendar after major people days. I have learned how people with a high sensitivity to people, their emotions and energy, need more rest to process an event. God made us like