For the Love of Duct Tape

 Somehow, I have only managed to take one picture today. You are probably wondering what it even is. Well, the little straps that hold on the car seat cover on the baby's car seat were stretched out and kept coming lose. I decided to tie knots and duct tape them so they wouldn't move anymore. I took this picture for my daddy. I knew the ingenuity would make him proud.

My car seats were out of my car because we had to take the car into be looked at. My car was handling funny in the rain the other day, but I thought it was due to extreme nature of the thunderstorm. Then, as I was driving it around during the week, my brakes went out. I mean, pedal to the floor, coasting to a stop went out. I have never had that happen before so it shook me up a little. Brake fluid flushed, new brakes, new tires and six hundred big ones later, I'm on the road again driving like a dream.

As you may know, Charlie and Dottie Duke gave the car to us after we hit the hog in the Honda. It's more of a car people who are older and don't have small children would have. It's not cool, but I am in love with it. First, it has a moon roof. Charlie walked on the moon so it makes me laugh and reminds me to pray for him. Second, I like to pretend I am undercover in a CIA car like an Angelina Jolie movie where I'm under the radar because it looks like a government vehicle. Third, it is a Mercury Sable so I like to sing that Alan Jackson song Crazy About A Mercury pretty much every time I get in it.

Do you know what is so good about Jesus? He equips our hearts to love people. I mean, deep down, crazy authentically love people...and be loved in return. Both things are hard. We are unable to do either thing in the flesh. We are called to break down the walls that keep us from true intimacy in Christ. Do not let the enemy discourage you from pressing into the hard-hearted with grace, and warmth, and hospitality. Let your prayers be rich with intercession for those who cannot love. Press on in the sweetness of a faith that delivered you from an inability to love. Be warm. Be caring. You are the fragrance of Christ to those who believe, but are stuck in their sin. 

Today I am grateful for sweet fellowship.

Speaking of people we love, the Cherry family loves Cat Clemons. He was on the news yesterday playing with Rosie and the Ramblers. I'll share the video and ask that you pray that God continues to bless and use our extremely talented friend for His glory.

Love y'all.


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