Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gomer: Spring Break 2011

This past week, we had the privilege of hosting a crew from the University of Nebraska at our home. They drove here to work on Gomer. It was the sweetest experience. I just loved their hearts for the Lord. It was truly a blessing to get to know them. They accomplished much inside and out. So much paint was diligently taken off inside the foyer and on the front of the house that we got to start painting and staining. Pictures of that soon.
 Kim scraping paint at the right side of the front door. This is such hard work. She did an amazing job and you will see we got to paint what she scraped.
 This job is tedious beyond description. It is difficult to get all that paint out of every crevice. They got a huge bulk of paint off. Thank you, Shannon, Betsy, and Brittany.
 Isn't this a great quiet time spot? Come try it. We open our home to anyone in need of some time with Jesus.
 Yasha loved the girls.
 I think Chelsea is the sweetest thing. She drove here from Iowa by herself to work on our house.
 Guess who else loved the girls being here.
 We went on a picnic to hear the Spring Concert Series at the San Marcos Park for a break. 
 Synda, from Texas State, was bound and determined to get this door sanded down.
 Aaron sanding the house.

 Our neighbor Eddie popped over and helped paint.
 White. Joy. We haven't seen that in a while.
 I like white paint. My vision board worked. Come help us finish.
 I'll put this man's story on my blog next Thursday. It deserves it's own post.
 Brad drove up for the day Saturday to help us out. Isn't God good.
 This LunaMoth showed up at the end of front porch worship on Saturday. I read that they are rarely ever seen because their adult lifespan is only 7 days long. Thanks, Abba, for sharing your beauty with us.
And here are these sickos heat gunning some peeps. I was outraged, but then I thought it would make a pretty S'more. Come over, lets cook some Peeps. We are deeply thankful to God for bringing us these girls for a week. They were a delight.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How To Be God's Little Princess

This book is an guidebook for elegant girls. I think it is the sweetest thing. It combines the things you want to your daughter to show alongside biblical virtues. Many of us did not learn to why of being mannerly. Sheila points out that it glorifies God when we show respect for ourselves and others. 

I thought Sheila did a great job of mixing in fun things like which type of tiara fits your face type with how to dress modestly. My daughter loved answering the quizzes in the book. We had oodles of fun reading it together. I even learned a few things and cemented some others for myself. If there is a little princess in your life, I highly recommend this book of manners to teach her how to act like a daughter of the King. Five Stars.

Book Description: What does it take to be a princess? Sheila Walsh has some important answers to share for every little girl. This trendy design features black & white line art and a two-color pink and black interior. The art will tie to each how-to topic in the book-how to make the best pink cookies, how to wear a tiara, how to earn money at home, how to care for a royal dog, how to be respectful, how to use good manners, how to help Mom, how to follow Jesus, how to act like a princess when things go terribly wrong, and many more.

This book was graciously provided by Thomas Nelson for review.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Talk to me, Abba.

You are precious to Me. You are much more beautiful than you realize. You are lovely. I wish you could understand the depths that I have gone to in order to weave beauty into your life. I wish you could see. Open your eyes. See what I have made. Bask in the tenderness of how intimately I weaved you. I created you to love. Stop allowing the enemy to steal beauty from you. I made you to give out the beauty I have tucked deeply inside you. Give. Share. Remind others of their great beauty. You were made in My image. Refuse to have disdain for looking like your daddy.

"So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." -Genesis 1:27

For more information on this segment, see this post.

Monday, March 28, 2011


The Journible series of books are hard-backed with gold foil and a bookmark ribbon. As you open the book, you will see chapter and verse numbers on the right-hand pages. These are conveniently spaced according to the length of each verse. However, these pre-formatted lines are left blank for you to hand-write your Journible book of yourself. The idea for this comes from Deuteronomy 17:18, where God commands the kings of Israel to hand-write their own copy of the Torah, or book of the law. The purpose of this was so that they would carry it with them always, read it, learn from it, and lead the people accordingly. It’s interesting to note that 3400 years later, educators have been discovering that most people learn kinesthetically, by doing or writing things out for themselves.

From these two ideas together then, comes the conception of this series of books: The 17:18 Series. As you look at the left-hand pages, the lines are left blank for personal notes and comments on the text. There are also some questions scattered in light print throughout these pages. These questions are meant to guide you in thought as you study the book of Proverbs and to help you understand the types of questions you should be asking of the text.

Congratulations to Beth Davis. You won the giveaway of Paul Enns' book Heaven Revealed.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Gristmill in Gruene, Texas

 My friend Margaret and I decided to converge on Gruene and dine at the Gristmill. It was terrible fun. If you are going to go, I suggest you take Margaret. She's a hoot. Email me, I'll give you all her number. Margaret has just adopted her forth son and I just think that is beautiful. We dined. We laughed. We celebrated. We ate the chocolate pecan pie. 
We both just loved the man in the above photo. We don't know him. You would think we thought people were characters in a novel by how we people watched.
 Margaret's Potato Skins and Sandwich came with a horseradish sauce that will rock your world.
 My Chicken Fried Chicken was delicious.
 Margaret and her sandwich. I thought she needed to be in black and white because she's sophisticated.
 A Local Bed and Breakfast. Isn't it charming?

 I think I can make this table and bench.
 What is calling you?
 Be thankful. 
 I loved this bird on the head picture. I thought it needed a caption, "Now, where did I put that bird." Really, it's quite the whimsical picture.
 I want some of these ridiculously high priced chimes.
 I had a pickle there.
 Margaret's blog is entitled In Utter Defiance of Trendy-ness. That's why I had her pose with this sign. Irony.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gomer: Nebraskans and Iowans, Oh My.

 Here are some random pictures from some of the girls working here from Nebraska this week. More to arrive from Iowa about the time this blog is scheduled to post. Insert witty banter and creative insight to go along with the pictures. I have to go to bed.

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