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Public Restrooms

Happy Memorial Day! I have had many thoughts running through my brain this week. Shocker, I know. Two ideas keep popping up to me: How we issue kindness and how little we focus on God.  I have noticed something in the people around me (myself included). We judge others according to our strengths. Let me illustrate with kindness: Let's say I am really good at being kind to my family and I judge you because you are not kind to your family... even though I am unkind to, say, poor people. Or I judge you because of how you raise your kids... only comparing that to the strengths I have in my child rearing. The fact of the matter is that we are all unkind. We are just unkind to different people like in-laws, extended family, people at church, people at work, etc.  The point I am making is that  we need to extend grace to one another as we wade through this adventure of Christianity.  How do you extend grace and truth without condemning?You can share points and model them. Don't judge


"Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than he who is perverse in speech and is a fool." Proverbs 19:1                                    A son  was born in the night. Prince Caspian escapes with his life being hunted by an army. He grabs the shofar his teacher gave him and he blows the horn . I cried from that point on. No, it was not a tear jerking movie. There is just something about a battle cry and God's people rallying that gets to me. I think because it is so rare a thing. I have scarce seen our army gather to fight. Really, I am not sure that I have. Sure, a few soldiers gather here and there and speak of war, but people who really want to do battle are something of an enigma. . "I had accepted the fact that winter is what is really true." - John Eldredge   Below: River Baptism on Sunday . "It's time for our friends to wake up!" - Aslan It's hard to do ministry. It's hard to fight. It's hard to have honor in our day i

Writers Do Write

Last week I was informed by a pastor that writers write and he was wondering why I only posted a video last week. I really have no point in telling you this except to say, "Here, Smarty Pants, read this." I am completely kidding. Writers do write. I read once that Donald Miller spent a whole day thinking about buying something from Home Depot. I guess we get time off. Time off seems like a joke to Denbigh and I. Four short weeks ago we were presented with a full price offer on our house. Immediately we were on the road leading worship and what have you. We came home and started pulling things out from every recess of our home and packing it up. Three days we stopped and went to our church's yearly Family Camp. Back to packing. Moving. Putting in bids on a house. Realizing we are going to be homeless. Moving into storage. Moving a baby grand piano. Moving. Twenty hours spent on a ladder doing italian plaster the buyer requested. All packed. All moved. Get back in the car.

Tired Beyond Words

I am exhausted from moving and truly amaze myself that I can compose a sentence.  Enjoy this clip Eric Perucca sent.